Improve your Customer Base by Outsourcing Website Translation Services to Outsourcing Translation

The onset of globalization has changed the way companies conduct their businesses. In order to market their products/services and reach their target audiences, companies are required to host their website in diverse languages. Outsourcing Translation offers comprehensive website localization services which include content translation, database translation and management, web page optimization (to gain top rankings in foreign search engines) and continued maintenance and technical support for all future translations.

Outsourcing Translation offers website translation services for the following file types:

  • HTML
  • XML
  • JAVA
  • JavaScript
  • ColdFusion
  • CSS
  • ASP
  • PHP

When you outsource your website localization services to us, we make sure that your entire website is translated according to your specified needs. This includes content, META tags, JavaScript, dynamic menus, forms, databases and database-driven content (PHP/MySQL/Perl/Python/.NET). We also make sure that your main page and other pages are optimized for the keywords requested by you. Added to this, our maintenance and support team keeps track and makes the necessary changes of all the alterations that are made in the English version of your website.

Outsourcing your website translation services to us will enable you to gain professional translation services at a cost-effective price.