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The Benefits of Transcribing Online Tutorial and E-learning Materials



transcribing online tutorial

The popularity of e-learning and online tutorials remains largely untapped because of language barrier. E-learning materials are developed in native languages making it impossible for non-native students to comprehend them and enrich their knowledge. Besides language, problems like accent, word delivery speed, low audio/video quality, poor internet connectivity have denied students, the world over access to quality study materials. Much of this problem can be resolved by transcribing online tutorials and e-learning materials, and making them available to students along with regular course material in their native language. In this blog we talk about the benefits of transcribing online tutorial and e-learning materials.

  1. Easy comprehension: Students can often get stuck while listening to online tutorials due to difficulties in understanding particular accents and disruptions in the audio. Good-quality transcript can help students to get a better understanding of what the speaker is trying to convey. It also creates a multi-sensory understanding, which is very helpful in understanding complex subjects
  2. Great for students learning English as the second language: Students not conversant with English bank on the internet to learn the language, but usually make little headways because of issues like accent and speed. Transcription has helped students overcome this problem to a large extent
  3. Helps students stay focused: Shorter videos enriched with high-quality transcriptions, highlighting key points is always more helpful in explaining complex concepts. This is because, multi-sensory learning materials give students a chance to understand concepts from multiple angles and mediums.
  4. Effective for students with poor internet connectivity: In spite of all the advancements in technology, low internet bandwidth and reduced connectivity speed is still an issue with students belonging to third world countries. In such cases students can use transcriptions to read ahead even when the video is slow to load

The benefits are not just limited to students alone. Even e-learning providers can gain a lot by transcribing video files and making it easy for search engines to index the content of such files. This would help them increase their page rankings.

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