Audio Visual Translation Services

With the increased popularity of mixed media as a communicative tool, Outsourcing Translation has extended its support to businesses requiring detailed and accurate audio-visual translation services. We work with customers in several industries, including academic institutions, legal firms, health and wellness companies, engineering firms, and government organizations, to name a few.

Due to its accessible and entertaining nature, audiovisual content keeps prospects engaged. To up the levels of engagement on a global level, businesses are required to present content to audiences in their native language. Our audio-visual translation services help businesses to establish a strong foothold in foreign territories by engaging customers in a format they can truly relate to.

Audio Visual Services Offered by OT

Our audio-visual translation services are designed to help you make the most of your existing multimedia content by enabling you to use it in any country of your choice.

  • Subtitling

    To ensure that the dialogue of the video is accurately conveyed, we only employ native speakers who can truly capture the subtle nuances of the language involved.

  • Voiceover Services

    Our native-speaking translators can assist with television, radio advertisements, online commercials, and video games that not only accurate but also soothing for the listeners.

  • Surtitling Service

    Popular in theatres, surtitling consists of one continuous line displayed with no interruption. Our translators can complete these types of projects by becoming well-acquainted with the subject matter of the performance.

  • Video Captioning Service

    We create captions for internet video and audio content, making the content more accessible to people who are differently abled or hard of hearing. Our teams are well-acquainted with a host of video formats including Flash, Windows Media, RealVideo, and more.

  • Educational Video Translation

    Our translators are well-versed in the development of educational videos in almost any language. By paying attention to local cultures, dialects, and education trends, we ensure that no important information is lost in translation.

  • Narration Translation

    Our translation experts prepare, translate, and condense texts in advance to be read out loud by the dubbing actors. Our specialists take additional care on the choice of words and the context as it would have been by a native speaker.

Benefits of Availing Audio-Visual Translation Services

Our culturally sensitive, linguistic experts are leaders within their fields. Retaining the context and meaning behind words is an all-important part of the translation process, and the benefits of working with us include:

  • Native language proficiency guarantees that the translated content is culturally, socially, and politically appropriate.
  • We focus on creating audience-specific translations that captivate viewers by providing more than mere verbatim translation.
  • The industry-specific backgrounds of our translators help to promote impactful and contextually accurate translations.
  • Our experts are equipped with a complete understanding of the provided materials as well as the target region’s cultural background.
  • We take our deadlines seriously and go above and beyond to finish each project on time, irrespective of size, or complexity.
  • Equipped with a secure translation ecosystem, we ensure that our clients’ sensitive information is protected at all times.

Audio Visual Translation Services that Really “Work”

If you’re looking to arm yourself with compelling audio-visual content that works in every global market, our teams can help. We handle translation tasks with ease, ensuring that your content is highly adaptable, no matter the target audience you choose.

Contact us via our online form, and we’ll get back to you with a host of audio-visual translation services that help you strengthen your international foothold, and help you engage with your prospects more effectively.

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