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Hire Audio Visual Services

OutsourcingTranslation provides audio visual services such as subtitling / captioning and voiceover services in different international and Indian languages in order to break language barriers and reach out to a large non-English populace. We have a team of language professionals who are experienced in providing audio visual services such as subtitling and voiceovers in different languages. Having expertise in over 50 languages (the list is increasing), we are capable of providing audio visual services in various languages, dialects and accents.

Our Audio Visual Services

Subtitling / Captioning Services

Subtitling is much more than simply translating words from one language to another. We provide cost-effective offshore subtitling and captioning services. Our high-quality captioning and subtitling services are delivered by experienced professionals in the industry. We have helped several media companies in producing accurate subtitles and captions for their video content and have helped them reach a wider audience for their work. We offer closed captioning and open captioning services. The significance of subtitles has grown significantly, especially in enabling viewers around the world to enjoy movies and videos in different languages.

Voiceover Services

Voiceovers have gained immense commercial significance in recent times. We provide offshore voice over services to several companies across the globe, in multiple file formats, across several foreign languages. Our team of voiceover professionals is capable of providing voiceover services for all types of videos and presentations. We offer unique voice over services that add value to your video or presentation and help you create the desired impact on your agents, partners and clients, in their local language. You can use our voiceover services for advertisements, corporate presentations, computer-based-training modules, online training and films, all targeted at people living in a different country.

Our team of professional voiceover artists and bilingual project managers ensure that every aspect of our service is high on quality. For your requirement, you could choose from our pool of native voices in Asian, European and Indian languages. We have the ability to work with formats such as

  • .wav
  • .aiff
  • .ra
  • .wma
  • .mp3

Features of Our Audio Visual Services

  • Ability to provide captioning services in various media formats like VHS, Beta, film and DVD
  • Dedicated, highly-skilled and experienced team
  • Services delivered within a quick turnaround time
  • High-end technology to make sure that we maintain the highest standards of quality and service
  • Competitive prices
  • Voiceovers can be delivered via e-mail or secure FTP - in your preferred file format
  • Superior sound quality
  • Professional voiceover recording services

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