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Translation Service | Global Translation Services
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Translation Service

Studies show that more than 75% of people prefer to interact with businesses, purchase products, and access information in their native languages. Global businesses in almost every industry from Health and Safety to Engineering, Marketing, Academia, and Media can benefit from the professional translation services offered by Outsourcing Translation (OT).

Our certified language experts are highly sought-after in their respective fields. By pairing subject matter experts with projects in their wheelhouse, OT ensures that absolutely no information is lost in translation. Whether we’re offering legal translation services, document translation services, or any language translation service, we go above and beyond your expectations to deliver the 100% accurate outputs.

Our Expert Translation Services

We offer several, highly specialized translation services that help you solidify your foothold when expanding into new global markets. Our translation experts are equipped to handle a variety of language pairs, in a variety of different industries. We make sure that all your bases are covered.

  • Document translation

    Accurate and exact translation of source materials while maintaining the original tone and style.

  • Translation of legal documents

    Experienced legal professionals with error-free adherence to the translation of contracts, clauses & facts.

  • Audio translation

    Promote trust & credibility with the translation of video/audio recordings, including subtitles, captions, voiceovers.

  • Market research Translation

    Qualified translators leverage expertise in diverse market research domains with a focus on cultural sensitivity.

  • Business translation

    Business proposals, noncritical correspondence, memos, translated to facilitate smooth business operations.

  • Marketing translation

    Knowledge of marketing objectives contributes to the effective translation of messages, products & services.

  • Technical translation

    Guaranteed accuracy for user manuals, sales literature, technical content to promote products & services globally.

  • Financial translation

    Integrate accounting standards, financial regulations with the secure translation of sensitive financial material.

  • Personal translation

    Cultivate interpersonal communication, connect with international associates, build professional contacts.

  • Content writing translation

    Customized, transparent translation solutions for website, forms, brochures, banner ads, & other business content.

  • Website translation

    Fast, affordable website localization in several international languages, including database, content translation.

  • CV translation

    Highlight credentials widen global professional reach with quality, affordable, fast, consistent CV Translation.

  • Multiple Language Translation

    Accurate, proficient translators with native fluency, cultural sensitivity & expert grasp of target languages.

  • Localization Services

    Appeal to clients, business partners, investors in their local language with a focus on idioms, cultural nuances.

  • Email translation

    Secure translation into multilingual emails for marketing campaigns, business relations, client communication.

  • First Draft Translation

    Translation of discussion documents, bid presentation, proposal documents, non-critical emails, and other notes.


Our Translation Team

To provide our customers with the most flexible and varied translation services possible, we not only have an in-house team of multilingual translation staff but also leverage our strong network of translators, consultants and localization experts who work in their native languages. Our range of skillsets and qualifications is vastly above what our competitors offer, and include the following:

  • Equipped with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent tertiary qualification in linguistics, languages, or any related field.
  • Far-reaching knowledge of various native linguistic principles including phonology, syntax, semantics, discourse analysis, and corpus linguistics.
  • At least four years of experience translating within several major industries including Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Software, Construction and Development, Professional Services, Oil and Gas, and International Development.
  • Well-versed in the use of international reporting standards.
  • Highly skilled in the use of industry standard translation tools such as Translation Style Guide, Terminology Database, and Translation Memory.
  • The inherent ability to at a minimum speed of 40 words per minute (WPM).
  • Extensive experience working on translation projects for all forms of digital and print media. 
  • Ability to adapt to cultural nuances due to thorough terminology and symbol research. This includes names, colors, expressions, and graphic elements.

Features of Our Distinct Translation Services

Our ability to streamline the entire translation process sets us apart from our competitors. Attention to detail and quality are critical components of our step-wise process, ensuring that we maintain our status as one of the premier translation service providers in the industry.

Some of the most sought-after benefits of our translation services include:

  • Regionally relevant, culturally sensitive translations from native speakers eliminate the risk of accidental offense, lack of information, errors in judgment, or understanding gaps. 
  • The consistent use of CAT tools (including terminology management software, language search-engine software, translation memory software, concordancers, and alignment software) ensures that our accuracy ratings remain consistent at all times.
  • We take a client-specific approach to all of our projects. Our qualified translators are paired up with customers over longer terms, using their glossaries and translation memory to ensure a consistent writing style at all times.
  • Our ISO9001 Certified Quality Management System guarantees exceptional quality every translation project, irrespective of scope or complexity.
  • We are dedicated to cultivating long-term professional relationships with our clients, and as such, offer flexible outsourcing options to suit every budget.
  • Our collaborative translation workflow helps us to better manage linguistic assets centrally, making it easier to find terms that need to be analyzed for geopolitical, cultural, or legal issues.

Go International with Professional Translation Services

At Outsourcing Translation, our expertise stems from working with our customers in a closely-knit, collaborative format that keeps the lines of communication open at all times. Our robust translation process ensures that we deliver the right translation service to our customers. We listen, learn, and carefully control the translation process to see to it that there are no mistakes in our work. The working model that we follow enables us to address to any time zone in the world.

We’re ready and waiting to help you establish a global foothold in any industry of your choosing. Reach out to us via the contact form on our website, and we’ll get back to you within 24 business hours.

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