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5 Reasons Why Transcribing Podcast Is a Need of the Hour



Most of the companies undermine the importance of having a podcast transcribed and published as textual content on their website. What they are failing to understand is that transcribing podcasts and other videos has its own set of advantages that are worth considering.

With this is mind we have put together a list of benefits of transcribing podcasts that are not very well known to numerous companies-

1. Reading vs Listening

Many of the potential customers who visit your site will not have the time to listen to the entire podcast. Having a transcription ready will help these customers to quickly scan through the content and scribe for your services if they are interested.

2. Social Media Sharing

Having a complete transcription of the podcast on the internet makes it easier for people to share the content with the friends in their circle. Listeners can simply highlight a particular statement or a section of the text that they like and share it via the plethora of social media sites that are available nowadays. The more these people share the more traffic you’ll get to your website.

3. Indexing and Search

The biggest advantage of transcribing podcast is that now the search engines will be able to index the content of your podcast. Better indexing will lead to higher page rankings, more visitors and more search traffic to your site.

4. Foreign Audiences

Having a complete transcription of the podcasts online makes it easier for people who do not speak English as their primary language to understand the content. Those people, who are not able to consume the verbal content in podcast due to issues with accent, speed of verbal delivery or an imperfect knowledge of the spoken language, can go back to the textual content and get a sense of what is playing on the podcast.

5. Access from Anywhere

Transcriptions allow visitors to access information contained in the podcast from anywhere, even in situations where listening to an audio podcast would be considered inappropriate such as waiting in a queue.

Once you have understood the importance of transcribing podcast, the next logical step is pick an ideal transcription partner. We are a pioneer in the industry, and have vast experience in delivering quality podcast transcriptions. We also specialize in podcast keyword optimization for enhanced search engine visibility so that you get results in the short possible time. Our asset lies in our handpicked team of highly competent transcriptionists and quality analysts, who are subject-matter experts from diverse fields.

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