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Outsourcing Translation (OT) is a leading Interpretation Service provider in India that grasps the importance of language in breaking down cultural and communication barriers. As the world continues to digitize and connect globally, language interpretation services are a more necessary business tool than ever before to effectively communicate and resonate with a wide audience across industries, such as medical, legal, entertainment, life sciences, finance, and insurance. Language interpretation service from OT is not solely about translation; it’s a means of expressing the subtle differences across all languages so that you can deliver powerful messages, mediate information, and better reach a broad or targeted audience base.

OT combines a high quality, scalable, versatile outsourcing model with efficient telephonic conferencing formats to allow businesses to localize, interpret, and communicate without straining their budget.

Types of Interpretation Services We Offer

Our interpreting services help you strategically reduce the costs involved in on-site interpretation. With our telephonic interpreting services, you can have your message delivered to a broader audience and move beyond the limitations of languages. We provide the following industry-specific interpreting services:

  • Court / Legal Interpretation Services

    Qualified interpreters for different legal domains with focus on culture, etiquette & legalities.

  • Medical Interpretation Services

    Facilitate interaction between health practitioners and patients with adherence to medical terminology compliance.

  • Entertainment Interpretation Services

    OT offers live remote phone or video phone interpretation solutions for entertainment studios, production companies, and music studios. Includes contract negotiations, clauses, personal service agreements, and terms and conditions.
  • Language Interpretation Service

    OT provides live, real-time phone interpretation between two or more different language speakers in either telephonic video or audio formats. Solutions support multiple participants, with attention placed on courteous, professional, and patient interactions by our accredited linguists.
  • ASL and BSL Interpretation

    OT features on-demand ASL (American Sign Language) and BSL (British Sign Language) interpretation via live video conferencing. Accurate, reliable, comprehensive, and ideal for any and all industries.
  • Financial Interpretation Services

    OT provides phone and video conferencing interpretation for financial sectors and private banking clients, including asset and wealth management, and investments.

Benefits of Using OT’s Language Interpretation Services

  • Quality Equipment: We use high-tech equipment for uninterrupted interpretations. Both listeners and speakers will feel as if they're talking directly to one another in the structure of natural discourse.
  • Superior Outsourcing Model: We guarantee a high-quality interpretation with competitive prices and a quick turnaround time to ensure clients get the best possible service experience.
  • Licensed Interpreters: OT’s accredited interpreters are tested and monitored to ensure all interactions are accurate, trustworthy, secure, and compliant, while adopting a courteous professional demeanor that puts our clients at ease.
  • Diverse Interpretation Formats: Companies can choose from diverse interpretation formats such as Consecutive for one-on-one or limited participant conferences, or Simultaneous for large or multilingual conferences.
  • Conference Coordination: OT streamlines the interpretation process with coordination between clients (as needed) to help you accomplish your objectives and focus on the topics at hand.
  • Assistive Listening: Those clients with hearing impairments can benefit from assistive listening solutions to ensure inclusivity during all interpretation interactions.

Reputable Interpretation Services from Outsourcing Translation

Companies and individuals need trusted, discrete, and reputable interpretation services to ensure communication is conveyed effectively. Outsourcing Translation’s interpersonal and professional skills facilitates a natural discourse between clients, while our outsourcing options helps companies benefit from affordable prices and secure environments.

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