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Transcription Services | Outsourcing Translation
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Transcription Services

Outsourcing Translation (OT) offers Transcription services that enhance the accuracy of audio or video files while still reflecting the exact nature of your original content. Our experienced transcription specialists use great care in providing supportive, detailed, and meticulous transcription services for medical, legal, business, advertising, academic, eCommerce, and entertainment needs. OT’s talented team can transcribe audio and video, delivered exactly like the original spoken content, into multiple languages on any turnaround time. We utilize state-of-the-art audio systems and software to ensure every word and syllable is precisely written and maintains the tone of the original audio or video file.

With OT’s affordable outsourcing framework, we’re capable of delivering high quality, specialized transcription services for a diverse range of industries.

OT’s Transcriptions Services Range

OT’s specialized team of talented transcriptionists are certified in transcription processes and technology to ensure timely and precise results. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical transcription

    OT’s expert team provides secure and concise transcription of your patient files, medical charts, diagnosis, and prescription instructions into your needed language using the correct terminology.

  • Legal transcription

    OT offers legal transcription services for conferences, court hearings, legal examinations, mediation proceedings, telephone and conference call conversations, depositions, and legal proposals.

  • Academic Transcription

    OT’s dedicated team offers transcription for academic videos, essays, presentations, lectures, speeches, focus groups, and seminars in the language most useful for you to learn or teach.

  • Media Transcription

    OT provides media transcription for podcasts and radio, documentaries, social media video content, television, and movies ensuring accurate and nuanced transcriptions and translations.

  • Business transcription

    OT provides transcription services for interviews, conference calls, meetings, webinars, market research, workshops, training sessions, and eCommerce, which means the information is written in your required format.

  • Audio transcription

    Convert critical digital & nondigital audio files into text for professional circulation or record maintenance.

  • Dictation transcription

    Save time with affordable transcription of recorded audio files, supported in varied formats, secure transfer.


Benefits of Using OT’s Transcription Services

Companies across the globe turn to OT for our efficient, and reliable transcription outsourcing service model and commitment to extending customized support to all of our valued clients:

  • Highly Accurate Transcription: Companies can receive time coding and time stamping for all of their transcriptions, as well as session summaries and reports, all with a guaranteed accuracy level of 99.8%.
  • Nuanced Text: OT’s attention to detail ensures your transcription is correct and maintains the nuances of the original document, video file, or audio file, without compromising the quality of your transcriptions.
  • Industry Standard Support: OT’s knowledgeable transcription experts are available 24/7 to answer questions, hear comments, and address concerns with the text, the format, or the content, and make modifications until the client is completely satisfied with the final results.
  • Automated Transcription Software: Intelligent enabled transcription using Machine Learning capabilities, along with our meticulous manual practices, ensures that all transcriptions are exceptionally accurate and fast.
  • Content Editing: Companies can ensure that selectively curated content is removed or edited for thorough customization, eliminating pauses, incorrect or inappropriate language usage, background noise, and other unwanted audio.
  • Formatting Options Available: Businesses can choose from a variety of formatting options to ensure their content can be distributed on the platforms and channels of their choice, in a way that encourages interaction and learning.

The Industry Standard for Transcription Services from OT

Companies who offshore transcription services to OT receive the careful attention to detail, thoughtful editing, and value-adds that have made us a leading transcription provider in India for over a decade. Our transcription options for multimedia formats are positioned to help companies and individuals benefit from best in class industry solutions at highly competitive prices.

Contact OT for more information about our in-demand Transcription Services and see firsthand why we’re an industry innovator in providing accurate, quality, and personalized transcription solutions.

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