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About Us - Outsourcing Translation
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About Us

Are you expanding operations in a new country? Does your company have branches in countries, the native languages of which you are not familiar with? Do you want to reach potential customers in other countries?

There are several reasons why you would need translation services. You may need them for developing marketing collaterals (brochures, manuals, posters, multimedia presentations and websites) to expand operations in another country, the native language of which you don't know. Today, translation services are essential for the successful operation of businesses, irrespective of the size.

For the past few years, OutsourcingTranslation has been providing offshore translation solutions to several companies across the world. At Outsourcing Translation, you will find all types of translation services, such as, document translation services (legal, medical, technical, financial, etc), audio translation services and personal translation services.

Headquartered in Bangalore, the IT capital of India, we have the requisite infrastructure and bandwidth to provide accurate translation services. Our translation services span across multiple languages, which include several Indian languages as well. Besides, we have delivery centers in different locations across the world.

Our team consists of linguists, translators, interpreters, proofreaders and quality assurance managers, all of whom have a strong professional base in the translation and interpretation of the specific language that they are native speakers of. All our translators and editors have a rich experience in providing translation services.

We stand out in the crowded market of translation service providers by positioning ourselves entirely on the basis of high - quality work, delivered within a shorter turnaround time, at competitive rates.

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Vision and Mission

We abide by our vision and mission statements to ensure that we are in line with what we intend to become - a constantly growing business offering successful translation services. Our aim is to provide excellent, value-added and innovative foreign language translation services to our customers. We are capable of providing quality translation solutions to our customers, based on their requirements.


Our vision is to become a values-based global organization that offers customer-centric foreign language translation solutions of the highest standards. We intend to become the best provider of offshore translation services, serving all types of companies, located in any part of the world.


OutsourcingTranslation is committed to its mission of realizing its vision. To reach where we desire to be in the long run, we ensure that we follow certain significant measures on a regular basis. For any translation project that we undertake, we focus on core aspects such as customer satisfaction, excellence, quality, continuous improvement and innovation.

To accomplish our vision of becoming the best offshore translation services provider, we work with translation professionals who provide exceptional translation services. We strive to add value to every translation project that we undertake and see to it that our customers get more than what they desired for.

We ensure that we don't leave any stone unturned to achieve our vision.

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The Management Team

Every organization needs a good set of able leaders who can steer the organization towards success through efficient management and participation. OutsourcingTranslation is firmly placed on the strong foundation laid by the four inspirational and dynamic leaders, who have a passion and panache for excellence.

Jacob William believes in leading by example. With over 18 years of experience across various domains under his belt, he heads OutsourcingTranslation. With extensive knowledge of the ITES segment and hands on experience in operations and business development, especially in the US and India, Jacob serves as the President and CEO of Outsourcing Translation. We are proud to have him at the helm of affairs. He has been instrumental in setting up several BPO enterprises in the past. With his vast experience, he brings an understanding of the BPO/KPO segment, which is essential in providing offshore translation services.

Our Translation Team

Our team of translators at OutsourcingTranslation is our biggest asset. Besides having an in-house team of proficient translators, we network with thousands of professional translators and editors, who are capable of providing accurate translation services. Our team comprises of subject matter experts and language experts, highly-qualified translation experts, linguists, quality auditors and project managers. They have a strong command of written speech and its stylistic and cultural nuances. Besides, the team uses advanced translation software and equipments to provide translation services.

Our Customers

Customers are our first priority. Our goal, at OutsourcingTranslation, is to provide high-quality translation services to our customers. We address the needs of our customers in a professional manner. We have been providing offshore translation solutions to several companies across the world. Our customers belong to a wide range of domains. Most of our customers are based in the US, Europe and the UK.

Unlike other offshore translation service providers, who specialize in providing just a few services, we specialize in providing translation and other related services such as interpretation, captioning and transcription, in several languages. We believe in effective communication with our customers in order to understand their requirements properly.

Our translation services can be availed by individuals as well as companies, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies around the world. We have the ability to scale-up our services as per our customers' requirements.

Our customers have appreciated our professional, accurate and timely services. This makes our customers use our services on a regular basis.

Due to certain confidentiality clauses, we cannot disclose the identities of our customers.

Due to certain confidentiality clauses, we cannot disclose the identities of our customers.

Our Work Model

OutsourcingTranslation is an end-to-end translation services provider, with a global delivery model. We give our customers accurate translation services through a combination of strategic processes, advanced technology and a professional approach.

Why Us?

It is important that you know more about the features and benefits of our distinct translation and other related services before you give us your first project to work on.

Get the Outsourcing Translation Advantage!

  • Human Translators
  • High Level of Accuracy
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Fast Turnaround Time