The Need for Professional Translation in Global Business

What is the one thing that you take from the recent economic turmoil and its subsequent repercussions? No, it is not that we are living in the greatest debt bubble in the history of mankind; but rather the economic center of gravity has shifted. Europe has lost its sheen with regards to the business community and so is the United States. However, business is thriving elsewhere.

Yes, you get no prices for guessing; it is the emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia, India and China, and none of them speak English.

Anyone with a shred of business acumen will acknowledge the fact that emerging markets are the place to be in to make new fortunes. And if you have not yet hired the services of a proficient outsourced translation service provider to help your business communicate effectively in Portuguese, Russian, Hindi or Mandarin, chances are that you’ll be swept aside by the competition.

And here is the reason why-
There are three simple notions for outsourcing your translation services: It’s cheaper, faster and more effective. Take a look at the operations of any typical Fortune 500 company, and you’ll find no more than a few translators on their payroll. This is because most companies perceive foreign language translation as a highly-specialized job and opt to hire the services of a specialist rather than perform it in-house.

Not just that! Outsourcing gives you access to expert resources—the cornerstone to good translation—without having to burn your fingers trying to invest in hiring and training talent. And that is why when you’re ready to launch an international campaign, opt to engage with a dedicated translation service provider, and tap into a wide network of professional linguists spread all across the globe.

Forming Long-Term Relationships

Yes, outsourcing is indeed the most cost-effective way to handle your international translation, but don’t fall to t temptation of hiring the cheapest agency for your project.

The market is filled with many low-cost translation services and chasing the lowest bid on every job will do your company more harm than good. And that’s because a job done by these agencies may warrant a redo, thus costing you in terms of costs and time.

Finally the best results often happen when your translation service provider has an intimate understanding of your business. Hence whenever you venture into uncharted territories and plan to go global, opt for a strategic outsourcing partner who is reliable and is in it for the long haul.