Significance of Website Translation Services

The demand for translation services in the global marketplace is on the rise with several businesses reaching out to their foreign clients via websites and brochures. Foreign correspondence, legal contracts and software need to be translated into local languages making translation services an essential business overhead. Technology is not just making life easier; it is also bringing the world closer.

Businesses are looking at building their sales by targeting potential customers in other regions through their websites. Multilingual websites help target and engage audiences in different regions.

Human Versus Machine
There are primarily two kinds of website translation services – human translation and machine translation. Human translation is performed by professionals and experts, while machine translation is done by a translation software. Some machine translation tools are available for free but quite a few of them may not be effective because of their limited features. Human translation services are available at different prices and the cost of human translation varies from country to country and agency to agency.

Successful translation of the contents of a website is crucial because there are chances of the original meaning being lost during translation. The translated content must be localized and should adhere to the cultural, political, social and linguistic background of the target country. Speaking with potential customers in their own language gives them a feeling of familiarity and security. Translated websites make a company’s products and services globally accessible.


  • It has been estimated that more than 60% of the world’s web pages are in a language other than English.
  • Visitors are three times more likely to purchase a product from a website that is translated in their local language.
  • People prefer to browse websites that display content in the local language they understand. That is why you would notice certain websites offering options such as, “Read this page in Spanish”, etc.

The Internet has fueled an explosive growth in the level of business activity between nations and we are witnessing a convergence of cultures and economic systems globally. People all over the world are communicating more using the Internet, thereby highlighting the significance of website translation services.

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