What is audio-visual services outsourcing

Undoubtedly, the buzz word that has had businesses worldwide in raptures in the last two decades or so is “outsourcing”. The idea of outsourcing has been explained a zillion times over, but is still worth repeating despite its banality. Essentially, it is all about getting some or most of a business’ work done offshore, usually in a distant country, with the intention of cutting on costs. We have heard about software services being the cream of outsourcing.

But there is also another related area that is worth being outsourced, and that is audio-visual services outsourcing. The idea of audio visual outsourcing is simple. Let us assume an Iranian production company produces a documentary for children about the theme of a local folktale. The folktale may be relevant in its theme for children across the continents. But how does what is being narrated in an Iranian language get conveyed to children in the west, or for that matter, in Africa? This is when the production house has to outsource audio visual translation services. The greatest benefit outsourcing of audio visual services carries is that it is able to carry local stories to a wider world.

The globalized world is all about taking ideas from one end of the planet to another, that too, within the quickest possible time. One of the inadvertent benefits of technology is that it has brought peoples of the world together. To draw this paradigm to the situation just explained, the idea of audio visual services outsourcing is easily able to spread this Iranian folktale to the rest of the world. Audio visual services outsourcing has made possible in days what used to take centuries earlier.

However, it has to be mentioned that outsourcing audio visual services is not as simple as getting a few software products developed offshore. There is the human element to it. We are talking about a milieu that is related to a certain point of time in history. More importantly, there is the cultural aspect to storytelling that needs to be taken into account. This makes audio visual services outsourcing a challenging proposition. This is also where expertise really matters. These are just some of the factors one needs to take into account while outsourcing audio visual services.