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Planning to Create a Multilingual Website? Avoid These Common Mistakes



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Any company that wishes to establish itself firmly in a local or international market needs to connect with its customers at a very fundamental level. For this they need to maintain a multi-lingual website. But is maintaining a multi-lingual website enough to connect with the customer and drive revenues? Not really, say experts. This is because, in-spite of having a multi-lingual website many companies have failed to attract customers and the major reasons for this unprofessional translation. In fact as per a recent survey, poorly translated websites are scaring 82% of customers away. And 59% of the customers would not even want to associate with a company that had obvious translations mistakes on its website. Majority of the respondents have even claimed that they “wouldn’t trust” such companies to provide a good quality service.

When the stakes are so high, be wary and make sure that you don not commit these common mistakes-

  1. Thinking it’s a one-man job

In an attempt to save money, it’s easy for organizations to get tempted to go with a freelance translator, rather than an agency that has a group of specialized translators. Ask any expert and they’ll frown at it. This is because creating multi-lingual is a job that should be carried out only by a team of professionals. A lot of specialists such as translators, quality assurance experts and proofreaders need to be involved to ensure you have an engaging piece of translated work.

  1. Not considering the design aspect associated with website translation

Most companies are failing to understand the fact that translating a website, or anything for that matter, can potentially alter the aesthetic value of the text. For instance, if you translate a text from English to a culturally different language such as Chinese or Japanese, you will end up with a text that is not exactly of the same size as the original document. Now, in this instance, if you don’t make certain tweaks in the design to fit the new content, you’ll most probably end up with a website that looks unprofessional.

  1. Going with amateur translation providers to save money

This is never recommended, especially when you aspire to create a positive first impression with your website. Amateur providers might bring small gains in the beginning, but chances are you will end up losing a huge chunk of fortunes in the long run, because of sub-optimal quality of your website.

So how do you avoid walking into the trap of an amateur translation service provider? By checking their previous experience and the list of their clientele. You also need to assess whether they can efficiently integrate your content management system (CMS) and repositories to streamline file exchange for translation. Make sure they maintain a centralized translation memory and multilingual terminology glossaries like us.

Other aspects that qualify us as reliable website translation service provider

We are more than a website translation service provider and we don’t just focus on selling our solutions. We care about your goals, and are passionate about working in partnership with you, to help you achieve your objectives.

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