Significance of Medical Interpretation Services

Medical interpretation is a skill which calls for proficiency in more than one language, along with the ability to interpret medical terminology correctly. It is a means to help patients and doctors lessen their communication snag and ensure superior medical care that every patient is worthy of. Given the rising discrepancy in patient-doctor communication, the need for medical interpretation services has become extremely essential.

Need for Medical Interpretation
Facts reveal that language is the main cause for misdiagnosis and pitiable treatment in hospitals. It is a fact that today, over 24 million people across the United States of America need language assistance, as nearly 20% of the nation’s residents are non-English speakers. The significance of medical interpretation is enormous considering the fact that a small misunderstanding or miscommunication can adversely affect a person’s health.

Medical interpretation services are offered by qualified, professional interpreters who are well conversant with various medical terminology and processes. Moreover, a medical interpreter has profound knowledge of medical subjects, and is committed towards his profession. Interpretation ensures that a patient’s message in a certain language is interpreted accurately in the language that the doctor understands.

Thus, by facilitating the process of communication, both the patient and the healthcare service provider benefit deeply from the medical interpretation services.

Rising Demand
In the coming years, the demand for medical interpretation services will not only rise owning to the increasing number of non-English speaking patients but also because of its increased awareness in terms of efficiency and accuracy.

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