Want to Translate your E-mail?

Marketing research has confirmed that clients are up to 6 times more willing to buy your services / products if your marketing materials are in their mother tongue or the language they are comfortable in. Since e-mail constitutes a major part of business communication, it is critical to be able to understand and respond to e-mails in foreign languages. And unless your company has multilingual staff capable of responding and capitalizing on such e-mails, translating of e-mails will turn out to be a difficult procedure.

Outsourcing E-mail Translation is the Answer
E-mail translation provides many clear benefits to businesses and companies who wish to embrace their new customers from abroad by helping them overcome the language barrier. These would include:

  • A greater ability to attract foreign clients who are more likely to do business with you if you can communicate in their language.
  • Becoming a market leader by gaining a competitive edge over your rivals in the market.
  • Increasing your earnings by gaining new opportunities of revenue.
  • More clarity in business offerings, making sure that you will not be misunderstood.

Outsourcing Gives you Multiple Benefits
Outsourcing your e-mail translation requirements to an offshore translation agency will provide you with two-way assistance, involving translation of incoming e-mails and also facilitation of replies in the necessary language. You also stand to gain many more advantages when you choose to outsource. These benefits include:

  • Human translators work for you who keep cultural biases in mind while translating your e-mails.
  • You get access to high quality translation services ensuring that the final output is free from contextual errors.
  • Competitive pricing of translation services makes e-mail translation economical.
  • Assurance of speedy performance helps you reply to your customers on time, every time.
  • A guaranteed, secure and confidential process of translation is followed to translate business critical e-mails

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