Why is Market Research Translation Important?

With the economy being globalized at a much faster pace than we can imagine, it becomes absolutely vital for large corporations to market their products and services to the local and foreign markets.

This involves the carrying out of extensive market research projects (both domestic as well as international) and being able to obtain meaningful results.

The Need for Market Research Translation
In today’s corporate world, market research translation has immense importance since market research questionnaires need to be translated into the language of the target markets and then the results need to be translated back into the original language for review and analysis. This requires that the translator has a strong understanding of the local language, local culture and above all, the language of the people who are filling the market research forms. Translators also have to make sure that all idiomatic language is translated correctly.

Market research translation also involves the accurate translating of:

  • Online and offline questionnaires
  • Questionnaire responses
  • Research reports (MS Word and MS PowerPoint)
  • Stimulus materials (show cards, concept boards, product descriptions)
  • Recruitment questionnaires, discussion guides and briefing notes
  • Transcripts of group discussions

Why Outsource Market Research Translation?
Outsourcing your market research translation service requirements to an offshore vendor will help you gain:

  • Accurate and perfect translation procedures for complex international market research projects.
  • An advantage to break the language barrier and help you reach an accurate level of cultural insight into the local markets that you are targeting.
  • Access to translation services rendered by well qualified mother tongue translators who have a proven background in the field of market research.
  • Translation for a wide variety of documents related to your market research assignment, including letters of introduction, thank you letters, surveys, scales, etc.
  • Advanced insights into cross-cultural issues, which will help you boost your corporate image and optimize your investment in international market research.
  • Cost-effective translation services within a quick turnaround time.

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