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Why Should You Leave Brochure Translation to Experts



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Being associated with the translation industry for many years I have seen many companies undermine the importance of brochure translation. People have often asked me why should I translate my corporate brochures, and isn’t it enough to have it in English or a native language? What they fail to understand is that by having their brochures translated in many different languages, they will be able to reach a wider audience and get a bigger pie in the market. In fact as per a recent survey, approximately 50% of today’s consumers will pay more attention and nearly 85% of them are more likely to buy a product that has information in their native tongue. What this impels is that if an individual goes through your company’s brochure that it is not in his native tongue, he will in all probability decide not to opt for your service.

Now, since we have understood the importance of brochure translation, let’s focus our attention on the second hottest topic in the field, i.e., why should we leave brochure translation to experts?

Though there is ‘n’ number of reasons why should you always opt for experts to get your brochures’ translated, let’s take a look at some of the most important factors-

To send the right message across:

Brochures are important sales assets and any mistakes in it can harm your brand’s image with regard to the target audience. Hence opt to hire a professional translation service provider and be sure that you are sending the right message across to potential customers.

To get the most return on investment:

If you work with a freelance translator chances are that he or she may not be able to churn out broacher translations in more than a few languages. This is generally not enough when you are dealing with customers from all corners of the globe. Also there will always be a question mark on the quality of service that is being offered. However when you opt to work with an expert translation service provider, you can leverage the expertise and experience of a large group of professional translation and get your brochure translated into many different languages. Also translation agencies offer additional proofreading options, which will make sure that the translated piece is free from any kind of cultural or linguistic errors.

Quick turnaround time:

Along with quality and efficiency, professional translation service providers also make sure that they utilize the appropriate resources and get the work done without any time overruns.

Hence whenever you are in need of brochure translation services, or any type of translations for that matter, outsource the task to experts such as OutsourcingTranslation. We make sure that we work as an extension of your company and deliver broacher translations of the highest quality.

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