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CV Translation Service - Resume Translation Service
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Hire CV Translation Services

The main difference between a resume and a curriculum vitae (CV) is the length of both the documents. While a resume is a one or two page summary of your skills, experience and education, a CV is a longer, detailed document. In the United States, a CV is primarily used while applying for academic, education, scientific or research positions. Your resume is the first thing that prospective employers see before calling you for an interview. A good resume can help you present your qualifications and experience in a way that highlights your suitability for the position.

OutsourcingTranslation can help you translate the contents of your CV or resume to a foreign language, so that you can reach out to prospective employers in different countries, where you intend to migrate and work. Our services will help you create a better first-impression on the prospective employer.

Features of Our CV Translation Services

When it comes to translating your CV, you must understand that literal translations are never accurate. Your resume should be localized with regards to the country where you are seeking a job. Instead of merely translating your resume word-by-word, our translation experts seek to present your credentials in a way that will catch the employer's attention.

The team of professional CV translators at OutsourcingTranslation can translate your CV in such a way as though it were originally written in the target language. Thus, if you are applying for a job abroad, send across your resume to us and have it translated by a professional translator. Our team of resume translators is proficient with the cultural nuances of various foreign countries. We include significant keywords in your translated resume so that your credentials appeal to potential employers.

Our translators have sufficient knowledge and experience in relevant fields and an excellent command of the target language. OutsourcingTranslation's resume translation services pay heed to quality. Being committed to timeliness, we deliver CV translation services at cost-effective rates, in a quick turnaround time.


Benefits of Hiring Resume Translation Service Provided by Outsourcing Translation

  • Experienced CV translators with professional degrees and accredited translation degrees on board
  • Specialists in different technical areas such as financial translation, legal translation and technical translation. This helps in highlighting your credentials depending on your domain experience.
  • Native language speakers.
  • Constant quality checks.
  • Error-free and technically sound CV.
  • Formatting of your CV according to local preferences.
  • Cost-effective translation solutions.
  • Quick turnaround time.

By outsourcing your CV translation requirements to us, you can be assured that we will translated your CV in such a way that it creates a lasting impression on your prospective employer. If you are looking for a resume translation expert that is deeply committed to quality, your search ends with us!

Contact us to outsource CV translation services.