Technical Translation Services

Outsourcing Translations (OT) offers technical translation services that combine domain knowledge and target language skills to help with installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of technical devices if the user manual is in a foreign language. Since technical translation requires a skilled linguist and a technical translator who has the industry-specific knowledge to translate technical documents that are laced with sound domain information and appropriate terminologies to complement that information, OT provides specialized translation services carried out by a proficient team. The team of translators at OT are professional technical translation specialists with years of expertise in handling complicated technical documents.

OT follows iso certified process, global delivery frameworks, and latest technical know-how to ensure highly accurate technical documents. OT’s in-depth understanding in providing appropriate technical translation services has made it a choice technical translation services company.

Outsourcing Translations Technical Translation Services – Translation of Crucial Documents Made Easy

OT offers technical translation services in multiple languages for translating documents like user manuals, technical specifications documents, user guides, compliance documents, etc. for international clients. OT has expertise in providing multilingual translation for high-level documents into French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and more. OT’s technical translation services include –

  • Technical Manuals OT offers excellent instruction manuals, operations manuals, online help files, user guides and more for high-end devices and uses relevant terminologies to help engineering understand complex machinery or systems.
  • Product Documentations OT’s team of skilled translators offer accurate product documentation to help understand specific product features and user selling points (USPs) for various marketing and operational use.
  • Technical Proposals As companies today go global, it becomes even crucial to send out technical proposals to various potential customers and partners, OT helps with uniquely crafted proposals with appropriate technologies to help clients.
  • Technical Research Papers OT provides well translated technical research papers and other marketing materials like White Papers, case studies, etc. at an affordable cost.
  • Patents Documents Understanding that patent and intellectual property documents are highly crucial and require ample understanding in the subject to translate the documents, OT offers highly specialized patent documents to help clients.

Outsourcing Translations Technical Translation Services - Benefits That Speak Volumes

OT acknowledges that in technical translations, possibly the most critical and well as a crucial part is about providing the content in a precise as well as consistent manner to keep the meaning flow without ambiguity. The team of professional technical translation specialists offers the following benefits

  • Subject matter inputs for each and every piece of translation – OT has a team of subject matter experts on board who help with valuable inputs for technical translation projects to ensure high quality translated documents.
  • ISO certified Process and global project management frameworks – OT follows standardized document translation processes to ensure there is consistency in each project delivery.
  • Global locations and 24*6 support – OT has worked with various global clients and provided satisfactory results with its global delivery centers and uninterrupted support.
  • Multilingual Translation Expertise – OT’s team of technical translators are adequately trained in providing multilingual translations to a long list of happy clients.
  • Affordable prices and timely delivery - OT treats each project with equal integrity and offer industry best prices and the most viable delivery deadlines to help clients meet their targets.

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Technical translation is a specialized skill and is best left to the experts who can do justice to the complexities in the language and OT offers undeniably high-quality documents to help clients make their content global. Contact OT today for more information on technical translation services.

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