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OT’s Multilingual Voice Over Services
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Voice Over Services

Outsourcing Translation (OT) offers Voice Over Services that enhance commercial and entertainment content with authentic, memorable, and unique voice-overs that reflect the nature of your project. Our experience providing voice talent and sound production support for documentaries, film, television, gaming, eBooks, corporate, educational, podcasts, and broadcasting ensures your company receives the best available performance and sound quality in the industry. OT’s multilingual voice actors are well versed in delivering the right tone, emotion, and speaking style for your project, and we utilize professional sound production equipment in our state-of-the-art digital recording studio.

With OT’s cost-effective outsourcing framework and entertaining, convincing, and professional Voice Over Services, we’re able to meet time-sensitive or unusual requests with a guaranteed quality commitment.

OT’s Voice Over Service Range

OT has assembled a specialized team of industry veteran voice talents and certified sound technicians and producers to augment our advanced recording platform and production processes:

  • Commercial Voice Over: OT provides commercial voice-overs for brands who need entertaining or character-driven voice-overs for television shows, video games, internet videos, game shows, radio broadcasting, and commercial advertising.
  • Non-Fiction Voice Over: OT features voice-overs specifically for non-fiction and descriptive entertainment formats like sports commentary, documentaries, television news, game shows, and educational and historical network television.
  • Voice Over Narration: OT offers voice overs in an explanation and commentary or announcer style to describe events and actions in a narrative voice. OT accommodates solo or multicast narrations for all narration project types.
  • Corporate and Business Voice Overs: OT offers voice-overs for corporate materials such as presentations, training, events, policies, website audio, recruitment and HR, and product and service education that effectively emulate the tone of your brand.
  • Voice Dubbing: OT delivers credible multilingual voice dubbing that includes taking segmentation, dubbing symbol insertion, lip-synching, and discourse imitation with a focus on articulation and pronunciation for better authenticity.
  • Voice Over Translation: OT provides voiceover translation for television and language localization that matches the tone, expression, delivery, and intonation of the original actors to preserve the integrity of the source format.

Benefits of Using Outsourcing Translation’s Voice Over Services

Companies across the world have looked to OT for gifted voice acting, consistent audio quality, and best in class outsourcing service models:

  • Project Management Support: Receive ongoing project management support for a holistic approach that includes additional auditory or visual queues, formatting, A/B testing, and ADR processes.
  • High Quality Audio: OT records in a professional studio environment using a range of quality microphones, sound isolation booths, industry-standard DAW’s, professional voice effects, and diverse mixing techniques that gives a rich sound quality to all voiceover projects.
  • Talented Voice Actors: Our experienced voice actors are well versed in a wide variety of acting styles and genres and can even bring multilingual support to all of your voice acting needs.
  • Consistent Advertising Campaigns: Work with the same voice-over actor for your marketing and advertising campaigns to promote familiarity and brand association between your company and your audience.
  • Synchronized Audio Segments: OT uses automated analysis and customized settings to synchronize voice-overs with on-screen visuals for a seamless, harmonious audio output that matches the original speakers in your content.
  • Professional ADR Processes: OT can help you modify your voice-overs and remove unwanted environmental sounds, change pre-recorded lines, improve pronunciation, amend technical issues, correct spoken errors, and replace foul language.

Industry Renowned Voice Over Services from OT

Outsourcing Translation helps businesses from all industries complete their advertising, entertainment, educational, and commercial campaigns with impactful, sonorous, and creative voiceovers. With a plethora of services including translation, transcription, and interpretation, OT has been assisting individuals to businesses from years. Our voice over services are reflective of your unique brand and story, and we strive to act as an auditory medium to convey your company’s message through the acting of our talented voiceover team.

Contact OT to find out how our competitively priced, professionally recorded, and customized Voice Over Services can serve your business today.