Medical Interpretation Services

Legal requirements in every country call for equal medical treatment to all patients, regardless of their English proficiency, leading to an increase in the need for medical interpreters. Outsourcing Translation (OT) is a reputed translation provider with over a decade of experience in providing dependable medical interpretation services. Our qualified team of medical interpreters break language barrier at hospitals and other medical environments.

At OT, we cater especially to hospitals, clinical/healthcare practices, Public Health Departments and other medical companies across the globe. Our services leave no room for error, delay or poor communication, and facilitate easy interaction between health practices and patients. For cost-effective, accurate multi-language translation services contact us today.

Outsourcing Translation’s Medical Interpretation Services

At OT, our certified medical and healthcare interpreters are proficient in the language they interpret. They ensure that their medical interpretation is delivered with the highest quality, and with terminological accuracy. Our medical interpretation services include interpretation for the following

  • Conferences and Seminars Our qualified medical interpreters accurately interpret proceedings at medical conferences, medical training programs and seminars.
  • Patient/Physician Relationship Our medical interpretation team provides accurate interpretation for patient consultations and meets, physician medical inputs, and more.
  • Medical Records and Protocol We interpret medical records, patient consent forms, clinical trial protocols, informed Consent Forms (ICF) for patients, case Report Forms (CRF), instruction labels for medical equipment

Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Interpretation to OT

At Outsourcing Translation, we ensure a 99 percent SLA adherence and ISO quality processes. A trusted medical interpretation company, our medical interpretation services include the following benefits:

  • Compliance: Our medical interpretation services comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act standards of patient confidentiality.
  • In-house Ease: By opting for our telephonic medical interpretation services, you can get access to professional interpretation at the convenience of your office.
  • Target Audience Understanding: Medical interpreters interpret information in a clear manner, keeping the intended audience in mind (patient, physician or compliance official).
  • Any Language Interpretation: At OT, we provide effective medical interpretation services in more than 100 different languages, irrespective of the geographical location.
  • Robust Technology: We use high-end equipment in order to clearly communicate during the telephonic interpretation process.
  • Quick Delivery: Save time and effort by opting for our medical interpretation services rather than hiring an onsite interpreter (only a call away).
  • Cost-effectiveness: Our offshore medical interpretation services are cost-effective in nature, helping you cut costs and maximize returns.
  • Multilingual Translation: Qualified in-country linguists around the globe, enable you to communicate with the local populace of any country. We provide medical interpretation services in more than 100 languages including various European, Asian and Middle Eastern languages.
  • Quality Checks: Experienced communication and language analysts monitor the interpretation calls answered by our interpreters on a regular basis.

Outsource Medical Interpretation Services to OT

When you outsource medical interpretation services globally to OT, we remove language barriers and facilitate easy medical treatment, better medical conferences and more. Contact us to outsource medical interpretation services, tell us your requirements and get a free quote within one business day.