Medical Interpretation Services

Outsourcing Translation (OT) provides Medical Interpretation Services to eliminate communication barriers in healthcare and medical environments. Our educated, multilingual translators ensure that any potential for inaccuracy, misperception, misinterpretation, and misunderstanding is removed during all forms of communication between healthcare providers, physicians, clinics, nursing homes, community healthcare facilities, patients, medical practitioners, and other medical personnel. OT has experience interpreting patient consultations, seminars, conferences, medical diagnosis and input, clinical trials, medical records, healthcare training programs, and more. We rely on a combination of cultural relevance, linguistic skills, and knowledge of medical terminology to bring real-world context to medical interpretation.

OT helps healthcare practitioners improve the safety and accuracy of their medical care practices with confidential Medical Interpretation Services that strengthens oral communication and comprehension.

Diverse Medical Interpretation Services from OT

OT’s service range is built around the need to increase clarity and deliver effective, objective communication. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical Records and Documents OT provides accurate interpretation for medical records, documents, surgical reports, patient records, surgical procedure notes, operative reports, progress notes, discharge notes, legal documentation, and more.
  • Medical Training and Protocols OT offers interpretation for medical training procedures and programs for surgical technology, clinical research, medical records coding, healthcare management systems, cardiac care, and medical assistant programs.
  • Patient Care and Consultation OT provides unbiased interpretation between patients, healthcare providers, and any other involved parties during all forms of medical diagnostics, consultations, screenings, tests, meetings, input, and more.
  • Sign Language Interpretation OT offers sign language interpretation via secure video calling in a variety of sign language forms, including American Sign (ASL), British Sign (BSL), Chinese Sign (CSL), and others, for the hearing impaired.
  • Medical Seminars and Conferences OT interprets communication that occurs during medical seminars, events, presentations, and conferences for individual or multiple speakers.

Benefits of Relying on OT’s Medical Interpreters

The medical and healthcare industry has entrusted OT for discrete Medical Interpretation for over ten years, benefitting from experienced interpreters with a highly developed understanding of medical terminologies and concepts:

  • Certified Interpreters and Native Language Speakers: Optimize medical and healthcare outcomes with Medical Interpretation performed by native language speakers and certified interpreters who have years of exposure to the medical, healthcare, and life sciences industries.
  • Reduce Miscommunication Risks: Minimize risks associated with miscommunication during sensitive health diagnoses, discussions, treatment plans, and reporting with OT’s quality care processes during all interpretation practices.
  • Improve Healthcare Accessibility: Increase accessibility to medical care and treatment for non-native language speakers and ensure that quality, trusted care can be distributed for all patients.
  • Accurate Medical Terminology and Acronyms: Ensure medical documentation for records, billing, coding, notes, and follow-up care are meticulous and correct across all viable medical terminology, abbreviations, and acronyms.
  • Proficiency in Three Forms of Interpretation: Medical practitioners and facilities can avail themselves of convenient consecutive, simultaneous, and sight interpretation with options for secure telephonic and video interpretation.
  • Specialized Support for Alternative Healthcare: Alternative healthcare providers such as acupuncturists, chiropractors, homeopathy, naturopathy, Ayurveda, and other natural wellness practices and facilities can receive precise and experienced interpretation for all record-keeping and documentation, oral and written communication, and therapies.

Outsource Medical Interpretation to the Specialists in India

OT’s intrinsic values and ethics, along with adherence to HIPAA regulations and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Acts, ensures we can responsibly, securely, and respectfully serve the medical community and their patients. Physicians, healthcare providers, hospitals, patients, and medical practitioners depend on OT’s certified interpreters for all of their communication objectives.

Contact OT today for a comprehensive consultation and discover how we can help you improve the level of discourse for your medical and healthcare practices with affordable and timely Medical Interpretation.