Website Translation Services

Outsourcing Translation (OT) features reliable Website Translation Services that help businesses across all industries and verticals increase the accessibility and visibility of their websites. As a localization solution, OT’s Website Translation enables companies to procure translations from qualified, native language speakers to increase the accuracy and relevance of their product and service positioning within their websites. We address culture, transactional factors, language, regionalism, and navigation for a holistic and intuitive approach to website translation.

When expanding global reach or entering a new foreign market, companies depend on OT to go beyond traditional translation and address the technical challenges, coded content, and complicated platform ecosystems head-on with affordable and useful solutions.

OT’s Website Translation Services

OT features a range of Website Translation Services that maintains brand consistency and promotes a more compelling website experience. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Website Multimedia Translation

    OT can translate multimedia website content such as images, videos, and PDF, JPEG, PNG, and GIF image formats, as well as infographics, graphics, audio and video clips, and text into any language of your choice.

  • Website App Translation

    OT translates website apps so that your application is localized and ready for viewing on customer’s preferred mobile channels with options for verbatim, phonetic, or creative translation.

  • General Website Translation

    OT transforms the current language of your website content into any language(s), including multimedia, static text, and metadata using both automated software and human translators.

  • Website Transliteration

    OT can ensure that no nuance or meaning is lost when converting it to the new language by using phonetic techniques, keeping original content tone, and expanding to new languages to increase site traffic.

  • Website Transcreation

    OT’s native language translators strategically render your website content into a chosen language without relying on a verbatim translation of original content, adjusting content while keeping the same tone and intent.

  • Website Localization

    OT’s expert team can localize website content to cater to your chosen markets in any language and deliver your message in a more directed way so that your message is reaching more people.

Benefits of Partnering with Outsourcing Translation

Increase authenticity and customer trust with OT’s Website Translation Services, and benefit from a website that conveys native communication and information tailored to serve your unique customers:

  • Improve Brand Voice: Businesses can improve and promote the lead generation, sales, revenue, and brand identity with a fresh, updated website and a perspective that reaches your target demographics and markets.
  • Cultural Research: Ensure your website reflects relevant cultural standards and values that can appeal to target demographics by relying on OT to perform supplemental research on local and native slang, terminologies, and more.
  • Increase Customer Engagement: Companies can ensure that they’re meeting customer demand for new, shareable, consumable content, and interactions in the terminologies and cultural references that are meaningful to them.
  • Dynamic Technical Translation: OT addresses the complex content translation that other traditional translation agencies can’t, with translation for codes in JavaScript, JSON, or HTML that maintains the functionality and visual look of your website.
  • Latin to Non-Latin Translations: Work with skilled translators who are able to turn complex content from Latin based languages into non-Latin languages while still retaining original messages and context, relying on native language understanding to translate word meanings that can’t be translated directly.

Offshore Website Translation in India with OT

Companies can avail themselves of a curated, end-to-end solution for website localization that takes everything from third-party materials and coded content to multimedia and navigation components into account. OT’s carefully selected team of translators and digitally driven approaches ensures that website function and content are included during the translation process.

Contact OT today for more information about our thoughtfully developed, modestly priced Website Translation Services.