Dictation Transcription Services

At Outsourcing Translation (OT), we provide high-quality dictation transcription services to individuals and businesses looking at reducing in-house investments on dictation software and staff.

Our dictation transcription services range from interviews and conference calls to business meeting notes and sales notes, and can be availed from hotels, airports and more. Our core clientele includes senior working professionals, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized corporate houses, financial service companies, business consultants, and media houses.

For fast, affordable, high-quality dictation transcription services, contact us, tell us your requirement and get a free quote.

Outsourcing Translation’s Dictation Transcription Services

At OT, we provide dictation transcription services for a wide range of business requirements and activities, including but not limited to the below:

  • Corporate Dictation We accurately transcribe content collated from interviews, conference calls, business correspondence, business meeting notes, sales notes and more.
  • Medical Dictation We cater to every medical dictation requirement including doctor appointments, clinical trials and findings, medical conference and seminar proceedings and more.
  • Legal Dictation We transcribe contract negotiations, consulate interviews/immigration interviews, examinations under oath or deposition interpretation, recorded statements, insurance investigations, arbitrations, court hearings, and trials, police interrogations, mediation sessions, attorney-client consultations and more.

Benefits of Outsourcing Dictation Transcription to OT

At Outsourcing Translation, our qualified transcribers ensure that every transcribed dictation confirms to a 99 percent SLA adherence and ISO quality processes. As a trusted dictation transcription company, our benefits include but not limited to the below:

  • Qualified Transcriptionists: Our certified transcribers have more than a decade of experience in providing dictation transcription services globally.
  • Any Volume Transcription: Outsource any volume to OT and receive high-quality, consistent output on every file
  • Input Flexibility: We accept audio files taken through mobiles, telephones, handheld voice recorders, PDA (Pocket PC), etc.
  • Easy Comprehension: At OT, we ensure every translated dictation is simple and easy to read in the language of choice.
  • Consistent Transcription: We also ensure that the translated version matches the original material in meaning and tone.
  • Client Customization: Customized transcription keeping in mind the style and tone of the content of the dictation.
  • Hassle-free Outsourcing: 24/6 support, professional English speaking Account Managers and the option to work in client specific time zones.
  • Technical Expertise: Subject matter experts for technical transcription ensure accuracy, and retain the technical terminology used in the original dictation.
  • Quick Delivery: Fast delivery periods (dependent on project complexity). We also provide an overnight turnaround for clients working on a tight deadline.
  • Competitive Pricing: Cost savings of 60 percent upwards, per hour/project, FTE (full-time equivalent) and customized pricing packages
  • Stringent Quality Checks: Multiple internal quality checks ensure data transcription accuracy
  • Security: Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA), General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR) compliance, File Transfer Protocol (FTE) and VPN (Virtual Private Network) (optional).

Choose Outsourcing Translation for Dictation Transcription Services

At Outsourcing Transcription, we provide 24/6 support, hassle-free outsourcing and a host of other benefits. Our professional dictation transcription services are reliable and available at the most affordable costs. To outsource dictation transcription and get a competitive edge, contact us, tell us your requirement and get a free quote within one business day.

Advantages of Outsourcing Dictation Transcription to Us

  • Confidentiality and privacy of your audio files
  • Stringent quality checks
  • Secure and encrypted servers
  • 24x7 support
  • Competitive pricing
  • Qualified and experienced transcriptionists
  • Ability to support several audio formats

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