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Reliable & Affordable Dictation Transcription Services
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Dictation Transcription Services

At Outsourcing Translation (OT), we offer top-notch dictation transcription services to businesses and individuals looking for impeccable accuracy and speed. We can quickly turn various types of dictations into high-quality transcriptions at a very competitive price.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or what your transcription requirements are. We can meet your needs without a hitch. From transcribing business meetings and sales notes to putting conference calls and interviews into written words, you can rely on us to seamlessly handle it. If you’re looking for high-quality, accuracy, speed, and affordability, contact Outsourcing Translation for a free quote.

Our Professional Dictation Transcription Services

At Outsourcing Translation, we offer a wide range of services for a variety of industries and needs. Here are some of our dictation transcription services you may be interested in.

  • Academic Dictation Transcription We transcribe notes, interviews, video transcripts, and much more for both professors preparing publications or manuscripts and students preparing various theses. We guarantee fast turnaround and top-notch quality.
  • Reliable Business Dictation and Transcription Our business online dictation transcription services cover an array of business needs. We transcribe conference calls, interviews, sales notes, business meeting notes, and any other type of business correspondence.
  • Legal Dictation Services We seamlessly transcribe arbitrations, deposition interpretations, trials, court cases and hearings, contract negotiations, police interrogations, consultations with your clients, immigration interviews, and much more.
  • Medical Dictation Transcriptions We accurately transcribe medical seminars, conferences and proceedings, medical notes, interviews, clinical trials, recorded findings, appointments with patients, and more. Full data privacy and security guaranteed.

Benefits of Availing Our Dictation Transcription Services

At Outsourcing Translation, we work with highly trained and experienced professionals who can seamlessly handle any transcription project. They are incredibly meticulous and genuinely passionate about providing accurate and efficient results of the highest quality. As a company offering expert dictation transcription services, you can expect all the following end-benefits if you outsource to us.

  • Top-Notch Quality - Our transcription specialists pack years of experience, so you will always receive the highest possible quality.
  • Technical Expertise - Our team is rich with subject-matter experts who can transcribe any technical dictations without breaking a sweat.
  • Unmatched Consistency - We always maintain the tone and style of the original dictation to ensure the transcription is a perfect match.
  • Thorough Proofreading - We never quickly transcribe and call it a day, but thoroughly proofread and run quality checks to ensure maximum accuracy.
  • Customized Transcription - Our dictation transcription services also include customization, so we can meet your unique needs while still maintaining consistency.
  • Easy Comprehension in Any Language - Our expert transcribers are proficient in numerous languages, so we guarantee easy comprehension in any language you choose.
  • The Flexibility of Input and Volume - No matter the size, or the source of your original files, we will efficiently and effectively turn them into high-quality transcriptions.
  • 24/6 Customer Support - If you outsource dictation transcription services to us, we will be here to assist you 24/6, no matter your time zone.
  • Fast Turnaround - We always provide fast dictation services, but we also offer an overnight turnaround if you need to finish your project quickly.
  • Affordable Pricing - We offer dictation-transcription at very competitive prices, so you’ll both save money and receive impeccable quality.
  • Full Privacy and Data Security - We are GDPR compliant and use NDAs, a secure FTE (File Transfer Protocol), and a VPN to ensure maximum data privacy and security.

Partner with Outsourcing Translation for Reliable Dictation Translation Services

Outsourcing Translation is your go-to partner for the most reliable and affordable transcription services for any dictation you need. With OT, you will always receive maximum accuracy, fast delivery, high security, and outstanding quality. If you outsource dictation transcription services to us, we promise to exceed your expectations.

Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements, and we’ll get back to you with a free quote!