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Email Translation Services | Outsourcing Translation
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Email Translation Services

Outsourcing Translation (OT) provides email translation services that address the need for a secure, accurate translation of business email content. Organizations can promptly respond to new business opportunities presented within their email content, ensure that correspondence with international clients is accurately exchanged and aligns with cultural idioms and references, and professional standards are met during email content curation. Overcome language and cultural barriers and prevent potential misinterpretations and misunderstandings when entrusting OT’s certified, native-language translators with your email translation. Our confidential approach to translation, coupled with our secure file transfer system and optional NDA’s, ensures that email content is appropriately safeguarded and private.

OT provides competitive pricing to fit all budgets and an adaptable outsourcing framework that ensures we can meet any deadline or unique request with the collective experience of a select team of international translators.

Exclusive Range of Email Translation Services

Apart from business translation and document translation services, businesses can choose from a curated range of Email Translation Services inclusive of both incoming and outgoing emails and their corresponding needs. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Incoming Email Translation OT’s expert team ensures that incoming email content is correctly translated, keeping original tone intact and ensuring context, grammar, colloquialisms, and regional themes are addressed for accurate interpretation.
  • Outgoing Email Translation OT helps craft or translate outgoing email messages for business or personal use. We can precisely translate pre-crafted email messages or assist in creating original email messages in any desired language.
  • Email Attachment Translation OT offers flawless translation for any variety of business or personal email attachments such as files, text-based documents, legal and promotional materials, whitepapers, and videos.
  • Newsletters Translation OT offers translation for both internal and external newsletters sent to customers, partners, subscribers, employees, clients, volunteers, or special interest groups, including new developments or company activities.
  • Transactional Email Translation OT’s translators can meticulously construe any transactional emails, including purchase orders and receipts, applications, resumes, new account creations, shipping confirmations, invoices, and account notifications.
  • Marketing Emails OT offers translation for marketing emails encompassing both value and sales-based formats, including engagement emails, surveys, brand stories, customer testimonials, offers, welcome emails, and new product emails.

Benefit from Accurate Email Translations

Organizations entrust OT’s certified translators to expedite all of their business-critical email content while benefiting from the reliability of precision-driven human translation:

  • Industry-Specific Expertise: OT’s hand-selected translators possess industry and domain-specific expertise to bring additional value to Email Translation and ensure the business or industry terminologies and abbreviations aren’t overlooked or misinterpreted.
  • Overcome Inaccuracies from Automatic Translation Tools: Ensure that your company can surpass common errors and inaccuracies that built-in software support and automatic translation tools are prone to by relying on native language speakers with translation certifications.
  • Localize for Broader Reach: Better reach international clients, customers, partners, suppliers, and personnel while guaranteeing that the email’s original meaning, intent, literary tone, and subject matter are effectively preserved and localized.
  • Target Specific Audiences & Demographics: Adapt marketing emails for specific audience bases and demographics with strategic application of correct slang and phrases reflective of current trends, pop culture references, and more, in any preferred language.
  • Strengthen Professional Relationships: Improve your company’s international communication standards, and reduce potential friction caused by ineffectual correspondence with tailored email content that enhances professional relationships with globally situated clientele.
  • Subjective and Objective Translation: Partner with a certified translation team that doesn’t compromise on either subjective and objective translation quality to improve accuracy levels depending on the nature of the communication.
  • Better Understand Client Intention: Ensure email correspondence received from clients, customers, employees, and other business contacts, is fully and accurately translated for better comprehension and interpretation of intended meaning.

Uncompromising Outsourcing Standards from Email Translation Experts

OT’s translators can respond to urgent requests, supporting organizations across the globe in all of their critical and time-sensitive business demands. Along with a range of translation services such as financial translation, technical translation, personal translation, and more, our commitment, coupled with quality control benchmarks, allows fulfilling obligations for excellence and precision across all of our Email Translation Services.

Contact OT today to discover how our team of linguists transform Offshore Email Translation Services in India into an affordable, secure, and timely experience for the clients.