Marketing Translation Services

Marketing translation services from Outsourcing Translation (OT) are much different from other, form of translation as its backed by marketers turned translators. Brands must overcome not only the language barrier, but a cultural barrier when it comes to marketing content translation. One of the biggest problems that businesses face today is that their marketing material has not gone through the proper translation process. In most cases, they had it translated word for word without the context of the text taken into account. This is a challenge that our teams at OT can help your business overcome.

As an experienced marketing translation service provider, our team understands not only the language but have a deep understanding of the culture to overcome these obstacles. Here are the four biggest traps that Outsourcing Translation can help your business avoid:

  • Humor: What’s funny in one culture could be offensive in another.
  • Metaphors: Puns and alliteration are a couple of common choices for catchy headlines, but they won’t necessarily work in all cultures.
  • Cultural Blunders: Anything related to traditions or beliefs must be carefully weighed.

Avoid these huge blunders by using our translation services so you don’t have to worry about it. Again, marketing translation is a much trickier area and the translator must understand the difference.

Marketing Translation Services OT Offers

Here’s a look at the many different marketing translation services that we have to offer. All of these are carried out by a team of experts who not only understand the language, but the culture as well!

  • Marketing Collaterals Translation Marketing collaterals are usually referred to as any media that supports a product or service. Let our team of experts ensure that your marketing investment is reaching its target audience as intended.
  • Technical Document Translation Business manuals, instruction manuals, and meeting write-ups are all essential to keep a brand’s marketing teams on the same page. Our services include this important translation service.
  • Website Content Translation Businesses that operate internationally have the added pressure of ensuring updates to their website are updated across all markets. Our transcription services include marketing translation for your website.
  • Product Descriptions Translation Language barriers can create huge problems with product descriptions. Brands want their descriptions to be catchy, but what works for one culture might fall short in another. Our services help you get this right!
  • Brochure Translation that Amazes all Cultures Our marketing translation services will provide you with the right message for your brochures, guaranteeing that your brand avoids all of the common mistakes that companies are making with international marketing.

Benefits of Using Our Marketing Translation Services

The world is in a constant state of change so it’s impossible for businesses to keep up with every culture around the world. Translation experts are well-versed in specific cultures and stay up to date with the latest trends. Here are the benefits to using our services.

  • It’s cheaper to outsource than to hire marketing teams around the world.
  • Marketing translation preserves the overall message of a brand.
  • Translating a message is quicker than pitching new ideas in every market.
  • Translating experts are sensitive about their local culture.
  • Professional translators not only speak the language, they understand it.

Transcend Cultural Barrier and Ensure your Message is Intact

The adaptation of a brand’s marketing messages across multiple cultures is a huge obstacle that OT sees many businesses completely ignore. Let Outsourcing Translation preserve your brand in all markets through our valuable translation services. Contact us today!