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Outsourcing Translation (OT) offers highly specialized legal translation services that usher consistency, precision, and accuracy throughout a legal document. Understanding that legal industry is a globally evolving and is heavily regulated, legal documents need to be clear and concise, OT offers the highest quality certified legal translation services to global clientele. With over decades of experience in dealing with sensitive client information and handling hundreds of legal documents, the team of expert translators at OT has delivered legal documents translated to various internationally accepted languages.

OT is a leading legal translation company that has worked on thousands of complex multilingual cases over the past few years. As a top choice for legal document translation services provider, OT offers ISO certified processes, dynamic network of lawyers and translators, and assured quality framework for qualitative and timely delivery for each project undertaken.

OutsourcingTranslations Legal Translation Services - Making Legal Communication Easy

OT understands that legal translation requires high levels of accuracy that cannot be achieved by automatic translator machines and has built a sound understanding of latest and relevant legal and judicial terminologies with its seasoned legal translation experts and offers top quality legal translation services at an affordable price. Offering a comprehensive suite of translation services, OT guarantees quicker turnaround time with highest levels of accuracy and consistency along with unsurpassed confidentiality.

As a Legal Translation Agency, OT also offers translations that are easy to read and comprehend making it easy for the clients to get the gist of the matter without any hassle. OT’s professional and certified document translation services include –

  • Legal Agreement/Notices/Contracts OT provides legal translation services to translate legal agreements, contracts, discovery documents, as well as compliance documents to help clients understand foreign legal aspects in a language of preference.
  • Employee Handbooks & Business Plans OT helps Business houses that operate internationally and need to update handbook and process manuals in various languages by providing expert solutions to all their business-related handbooks.
  • Marketing Collaterals OT offers smart translation services for marketing brochures for easy global circulation. The marketing collaterals OT can translate for you include marketing brochures, catalogs, technical manuals, instruction manuals, project reports, etc.
  • Patent and Scholarly Writings The team of legal translation experts has provided hundreds of patent and research document translation services that have helped OT’s growing client list. With a knack for translating complicated patent documents, OT has a track record for offering highly accurate patent documentation.
  • Birth/Death/Marriage Certificates OT can help translate various legal certificates to be used by different foreign agencies with ease.
  • Website Content OT expertise in providing translation services for multilingual websites.

Unique End-Benefits of Availing Our Service

Bridging the gap between different languages yet keeping the essence same, OT’s legal translation services are inexpensive yet meticulous and maintain the legal paraphrases with their very expression and emphasis as required. Even though legal translation services are time taking due to the nature of the complexity found in the documents, OT’s team of expert translators with deftness and skill to produce error-free documentation. OT offers a bouquet of benefits to its clients such as –

  • Customized legal translation services that follow the client’s style and requirement
  • Quicker turnaround time with accurate outputs
  • Competitive pricing and global delivery standards
  • Strict quality processes that assure data privacy and confidentiality
  • ISO certified project management processes

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OT’s strategic global locations allow hiring local language experts who can translate complicated documents with ease and be it insurance, business, legal, advertising, software, literature, healthcare or education.

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