Medical Transcription Services

Outsourcing Translation (OT) provides Medical Transcription Services that act as a useful tool for the medical and healthcare industry and community. We have served as a trusted transcription service provider for hospitals, physician’s offices, diagnostic laboratories, healthcare and wellness treatment centers, and independent medical practitioners across the world. Our knowledge of medical terminology and HIPAA compliance, along with our dedication to providing quality services, has made OT a preferred medical transcription provider for decades.

Physicians and medical providers can depend on the offshoring expertise at OT to help them augment and support their healthcare information processes and procedures with timely, competitively priced medical transcription.

OT’s Medical Transcription Service Range

OT performs transcriptions for any variety of medical reports, audio and video recordings, conferences, referrals, training, and other healthcare dictations. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical Symposium Transcriptions

    OT offers multilingual transcriptions for medical conferences, panels, presentations, and symposiums that can accommodate numerous different speakers and relevant medical, drug, technology, and procedural terms.

  • Medical Training Transcriptions

    OT provides transcriptions for medical training that may include interviews, research, clinical treatment, departmental procedures, regulatory and policy explanations, administrative overviews, and more.

  • Patient Care, Referral, and Medical Record Transcriptions

    OT produces transcriptions for patient care, including referrals, medical history and records, treatments, focus groups, and consultations, following strict data privacy protocols to preserve patient privacy.

  • Medical Reports

    OT offers transcriptions for medical reports, including patient consultations, pathology, laboratory, radiology, clinical history, and treatments. These can be formatted for use in spreadsheets, databases, and more.

  • Surgical Report Transcriptions

    OT offers transcriptions for gross and microscopic surgical reports, operative reports, and reports for general surgery, laparoscopic, oncology, cardiothoracic, endocrine, vascular, colorectal, breast, and more.

  • Medical-Legal Hearings Transcriptions

    OT offers confidential transcriptions for both formal and informal hearings before medical boards, medical claims, and hearings for malpractice and negligence, and medical product liability from any digital recording.

Benefits of Utilizing Our Medical Transcription Services

Outsourcing with OT offers the medical industry the opportunity to work with professionals who are dedicated to using supportive transcription technologies to produce the most consistent, meticulous transcriptions:

  • Aligns with Departmental Security Policies: Work with a team that can adhere to your medical office’s or healthcare facility’s proprietary departmental security and confidentiality procedures and policies throughout the entire transcription process.
  • Specialized Medical and Clinical Transcriptions: Receive accurately interpreted, edited, and transcribed medical dictations for non-gyn cytology, cytogenetics, medicine scan reports, autopsy, gross, and microscopic surgical reports, and other specialized and niche medical and clinical domains.
  • Bulk Transcriptions: OT can work closely with medical facilities and offices to monitor and transcribe dictated reports in an established priority to facilitate speedier workflows for bulk or high-volume medical transcription projects.
  • Expert Understanding of Medical Terminologies: Medical and healthcare providers can ensure they’re partnering with a transcription team that possesses an expert understanding of medical terminologies related to pathology, anatomy, diseases, physiology, treatment techniques, surgery processes, and instrumentation, and gross description and microscopic diagnosis.
  • Patient and Healthcare Support: Receive transcriptions that can help support and ensure the accuracy of patient and health care facility records, medical reports, and administrative materials.
  • Reduce Record and Report Inconsistencies: OT’s experienced transcribers can translate dictated or recorded medical abbreviations and slang into their correct expanded forms to reduce any potential for inconsistencies and mistakes in medical terms or drug references.

Accurate and Cost-effective Medical Transcription Services from OT

Medical practitioners and facilities rely on OT for our industry experience, precision, and ability to correctly transcribe medical materials into customized, easy to read, and consume formats. Supportive transcription technologies help us to deliver the most trustworthy outcomes, and an agile outsourcing model ensures clients can have scalable, affordable solutions.

Contact OT today for a complimentary consultation and hear more about how our translation contributions are positioned to help bring efficiency and clarity to the medical community.