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Audio Transcription Services | Outsourcing Translation
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Audio Transcription Services

At Outsourcing Translation (OT), we take pride in delivering top-notch audio transcription services to individuals and businesses of all sizes. Our transcription services are handled by humans, not software that allows us to provide accurate, secure, and confidential services. Transcripts are often sources of valuable data. They are commonly delivered with tools for meetings, interviews, films, conferences, training, and more.

Save yourself time and gain insights from the content in your audio files. Give your employees scannable records without having to appoint someone to take notes during events. Let us transcribe your audio, while you can focus on what you do best.

Upload your audio file and get your human-generated transcription at the base price.

Dependable Audio Transcription Services We Offer

All of our services are provided by experienced transcription specialists. We have optimized our workflow to ensure accurate, detailed, and meticulous transcription services for your business needs.

  • Corporate Audio Transcription Let the professionals handle something as important as your corporate audio transcription processes. Focus on running your business while saving both time and money. We can provide you with different kinds of business-related transcription services.
  • Media Audio Transcription Whether it is a training material, advert, promotional video, podcast or documentary, we are able to deliver high-quality transcripts. We cover all types of media which you can immediately use or edit how you prefer.
  • Educational Audio Transcription Capture the essence of your seminars and discussions recordings and turn them into valuable learning material. We specialize in transcribing a variety of subjects and are able to deliver transcripts in the format you require.
  • Multi-lingual Audio Transcription Here at OT, we have a multi-lingual team of transcription professionals with expertise in different subject areas. This allows us to provide not only accurate multi-lingual transcription but also ensure quick turnaround times.
  • Legal Audio Transcription We specialize in providing confidential and reliable legal transcription services. Whether it’s a hearing, pleading, interrogation, judgment, arbitration or examination under oath that you need a transcription of, we can do it even if it recorded on analog tape.

Benefit from Our Scalable and Reliable Audio Transcription Services

There are a number of benefits that await you should you decide to avail of our services.

  • Quick Turnaround Time - We have access to cutting-edge software tools and the top talent in the transcription industry. This allows us to send you deliverables when and where you need them, despite the size and complexity of the workload.
  • High-quality Transcripts - We only work with native speakers who have a master’s degree in the relevant field to ensure that our transcripts are of the highest quality. Before we send you a transcript, we will proofread it and perform a quality check.
  • Best Audio Transcription - Thanks to our unique approach to audio transcription we guarantee the best audio transcription services.
  • Easy Way to Outsource Audio Transcription - Here at OT, we know that time is money. We’ve made audio transcription outsourcing a breeze. All you need to do is fill out the form and our experts will immediately start working on your project.
  • Automated Audio Transcription - Thanks to the state-of-the-art software tools and Artificial Intelligence were able to revolutionize and automate audio transcription and still maintain the high quality of deliverables.

Affordable and Dependable Audio Transcription Services One Click Away

Outsourcing Translation is a certified audio transcription company that enables you to communicate in any language with ease. With a skilled team of audio transcriptionists and ISO quality processes, we enable you to transcribe audio files quickly and cost-effectively.

For accurate audio transcription services, contact us, tell us your requirement and get a free quality test trial within one business day.

Advantages of Hiring Audio Transcription Services from Us

Leverage OT’s reliable outsourcing framework and get your audio recordings transcribed today. Get the top talent to work on your transcription projects and receive only the best audio transcription deliverables today. We make transcription easy! Request a free quote today and see for yourself.