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Outsource Localization Service | Outsourcing Translation
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Localization and Translation Services

The increase of business interaction in global markets has led to the specified need for improved communication for competitive advantage. Localization and Translation Services are useful in providing a bridge between businesses and their international customers, ensuring that websites and services appeal to diverse cultures, languages, and customs. International organizations need a reliable means to communicate across language barriers and reach to customers and website visitors in the local formats that personalize their experience.

Having an outsourcing partner who can accurately and reliably translate business content and information into your preferred languages is integral to your professional relations and interactions. The experienced linguistic experts at Outsourcing Translation (OT) feature a globally cultivated, multilingual team backed by the cutting edge tools and software that are critical to translate information and localize websites, e-Learning content, and mobile apps. OT set the industry standard for providing competitively priced outsourcing Localization and Translation Services that help businesses take advantage of global connectivity.

Localization and Translation Services from Outsourcing Translation

Outsourcing Translation offers an exclusive range of Localization and Translation Services that are developed to help businesses meet the needs of a diverse, global clientele. Services include, but are not limited to:

1. Website Localization Services:

  • Website Adaptation: OT adapts websites by translating content into any number of languages so that international companies and customers from different geographies can have the opportunity to work and interact with your business in their own language. Display accurate content regardless of the language that a visitor is viewing it in, including all links and images, while ensuring that formatting and content are designed to suit the target location.
  • Website Updating: As your website is updated to include additional information regarding services, structure, or content information of any kind, OT can keep the information current and accurate in all other languages so that any website visitor can read the most currently updated information in their native language.

2. Software Localization Services:

  • Application Localization: OT accurately adapts your software application product information to meet any language and cultural requirements. Get your software ready for international markets by having your content translated and localized by professionals who understand linguistic and cultural distinctions.
  • Mobile Apps Localization: Adapt your company’s mobile app into multiple languages and ensure that customers can browse, access, and use your app in any country or language.

3.  E-Learning Localization Services:

  • E-Learning Courses, Presentations, Tests, and Quizzes:

    Customize your E-Learning content to suit international markets by localizing the materials appropriate for a globally diverse audience. E-Learning Courses, Presentations, and Tests are accurately translated and adapted across different cultures and developed keeping the interest of the native in mind. OT ensures that vital information is transferred correctly through your e-Learning solutions with attention to local preferences.

Benefit from Accurate Localization and Translation Services

Localization and Translation Services from OT ensures that businesses can have a localized presence and connect their target customer base more closely:

  • Present your business in all geographies by making your website available in a variety of foreign languages with attention to local cultural preferences.
  • International visitors browsing your website will be able to comprehend all of the content while enjoying a design and format that effectively captures the essence of their customs, culture, and location.
  • OT’s diverse, accredited team features a multicultural heritage to better understand the slang, colloquialisms, and cultural distinctions to create an authentic Localization of your website.
  • Present your e-Learning material and content to an audience with different customs, languages, and cultures to more effectively transfer knowledge across a broader range of customers.
  • We ensure that your sensitive business information is protected during the Localization and Translation process by outsourcing with OT by following strict privacy standards in a limited access environment.
  • With native language experts, we help you avoid miscommunication with your customer base by featuring accurately translated and localized content and material on your website.

Have a Localized Presence with OT’s Localization and Translation Service

Don’t miss out on potential business opportunities because of language and cultural barriers. Outsource all of your Localization and Translation needs through Outsourcing Translation and spread your online reach to different geographies at an affordable cost. Contact us today to talk to our business development managers about our exclusive Localization and Translation services.