Outsource Business Transcription Services

Business transcription plays an invaluable role in today’s business environments, from senior business professionals’ who use automated transcription to save time to meetings and negotiations in remote locations that have no dedicated staff present to take notes or record proceedings. However engaging in business translation in-house can prove costly and time-consuming, and outsourcing is the best answer.

At Outsourcing Translation (OT), our qualified business transcribers accurately transcribe audio files into proofread text files in short time periods. Our business transcription services allow companies to maintain high-quality records of their business activities, without having to coordinate dictations, minutes, drafting and proofing. For business transcription services at the most affordable costs, contact us today.

OT’s Business Transcription Services

At OT, we give you a competitive edge and ensure that every project meets with 99 percent SLA adherence and follows ISO quality standards. Our business transcription services can be used for business meetings, business groups, speakers/moderators, teleconferences, etc. and include the following:

  • Seminars and Meetings Our qualified team of transcribers provide transcription services for business conferences, focus group meetings, board and brainstorming sessions, roundtable discussions, symposiums and consortium, annual meetings, strategic planning meetings, seminars, training programs, sales meetings etc.
  • Marketing Campaigns Our team of business transcribers accurately transcribe market research surveys, press conference notes and more.
  • General Business Transcription Services We offer accurate business transcription for business phone calls, security interviews, investigations, business correspondences and more.

Benefits of Outsourcing Business Transcription Services to OT

A reliable transcription provider, we believe that business transcription is more than the mere conversion of audio files into verbatim text files. When you outsource business transcription services to us, we assist with delicate accents, distortions, background noises and hours of editing. The benefits of outsourcing business transcription services to us include but are not limited to the below:

  • Qualified Transcriptionists: Our certified transcribers have more than a decade of experience in providing dictation transcription services globally.
  • Error Free Transcription: Qualified transcribers with an ear for detail transcribe without error
  • Accent Experts: Team of multiple accent professionals accurately reproduce, taking into account diction, local slang, etc.
  • Accuracy: Qualified business transcriptionists and ISO quality processes ensure error-free, accurate transcripts
  • Zero Investment: No investment in specialized equipment
  • Eliminate in-house costs: No personnel or related expenses
  • Cost Competitiveness: Competitive rates
  • Skilled Team: Access to experienced and trained transcriptionists who are proficient in business communication
  • Quality Checks: Stringent multiple manual quality assurance processes
  • Security: High security maintained for confidentiality of your audio/ video files (Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA), General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR) compliance, File Transfer Protocol (FTE) and VPN (Virtual Private Network) (optional).

Choose Outsourcing Translation for Business Transcription Services

Outsourcing Translation is a business translation company that enables you to communicate in any language with ease. For fast and accurate business transcription services, contact us, tell us your requirement and get a free quote within one business day. Alternatively, ask for a free quality test (trial) and test our service quality.

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