Business Transcription Services

Outsourcing Translation (OT) provides authentic Business Transcription Services for startups, medium-sized businesses, and enterprises across the globe. Our experienced, educated, and talented transcriptionists create business transcriptions across a diverse range of industries and support video and phone interviews, conference calls, meetings, seminars, market research, and training content. OT’s multilingual transcription team is well versed in business language and terminology, and cultural idioms, and uses modern and specialized software and technology to deliver the most accurate and specialized results.

With OT’s resourceful outsourcing model and efficient, detailed, and professional Transcription Services, we are able to meet high demands with a guaranteed commitment to quality.

OT’s Business Transcription Services

OT’s expert team of certified transcriptionists are prepared to meet the demands and pace of any business with proven results:

  • Video Transcription OT’s professionals accurately and completely transcribe webinars, explainer videos, landing page videos, live video interviews, recorded events, and advertisement videos and radio broadcasts in your required format.
  • Live Recording Transcription OT’s expert team can transcribe live seminars and classes, podcasts and radio broadcasts, presentations, live streams, and live panel discussions so you have the information you need in a format you can use.
  • Conference and Phone Call Transcription OT’s capable transcribers can transform audio and video content from meetings, interviews, phone calls, and live and digital conferences into carefully transcribed material in a variety of formats.
  • Training and HR Support Transcription OT provides transcriptions for Human Resource support such as employee training, coaching, lectures, group discussions and activities, simulations, mentoring, and policy education.
  • Academic and Seminar Transcription OT offers transcriptions for university lectures, secular and religious seminars, community, faculty, and content-based seminars that can be purposed for ongoing learning and education, propaganda, and other applications.
  • Workshop and Symposiums OT provides accurate transcriptions for workshops and symposiums and can discern individual or multiple speakers with equal precision. Background and irrelevant voices and conversations can be removed or disregarded as needed per client request.

Benefits of Utilizing OT’s Business Transcription Services:

Businesses across the world look to OT for reliable and consistent transcription services across industries:

  • AI-Enabled Transcription: Businesses can receive AI-enabled translation for automated solutions that deliver unprecedented speed and consistency for organizations needing large volumes of business transcriptions.
  • Advanced Software Solutions: IBM Watson Speech to Text, Dragon Naturally Speaking 15, and Express Scribe are some of the software our experts use to support their transcription process.
  • Live Business Event Support: Live keynote speeches, moderator panels, and other event coverage can be transcribed verbatim in real-time so that it can be utilized on a variety of platforms and channels fast enough to support the event.
  • 5-Step Quality Control: Companies can ensure that their transcriptions have gone through detailed 5-step quality control and proof-reading check for accuracy and to preserve the original content.
  • Compliance Support: Businesses will receive compliant transcriptions that won’t violate the legal and regulatory protocols followed by companies in legal, financial, medical, and law enforcement industries.
  • Database Configuration: Companies can have their bulk volume transcriptions converted and organized into a customized database for simple searchability, archiving, and retrieval.

Industry Leading Business Transcription Service from OT

Choosing OT means that the transcripts are always accurate and organized and can seamlessly integrate into your company’s workflows. We optimize our solutions to increase our client’s efficiency and capabilities with transcriptions that can facilitate collaboration, engagement, learning retention, and more.

Contact the transcription experts at OT today, and learn more about our scalable, confidential, multilingual, and professional transcription options.