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Personal Translation Services | Outsourcing Translation
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Personal Translation Services

Outsourcing Translation (OT) provides Personal Translation Services that connects senior executives, entrepreneurs, leaders, and speakers with their personal communication goals by addressing existing language barriers. Personal documents, files, correspondence, records, emails, letters, and other information is deliberately translated so that we can accurately articulate our client’s unique needs. OT recognizes the sensitive, intimate, and highly individualized nature of personal correspondence and communication, which is why we remain committed to protecting the privacy of our clients. Our skilled, certified translators focus on discrete, unbiased translation, relying on their native understanding of specific languages to bring superior clarity, quality, and integrity to the translation process.

As a fixture in the industry for over ten years, OT is able to eradicate the complexity of typical outsourcing services with transparent pricing, secure file transfer, and customized Personal Translation Services.

Our Range of Personal Translation Services

Along with document translation, email translation, and more, OT’s service range is representative of the diversity of both subject matter knowledge as well as language expertise in presenting a bespoke catalog of Personal Translation solutions:

  • Immigration Translation OT provides translation to support immigration processes and documentation, including judicial records, educational documents, permanent resident cards, re-entry permits, employee authorization documents, and more.
  • Birth, Death, & Marriage Certificate Translation OT provides impeccable translations for birth, death, and marriage certificates, enforcing rigorous privacy protocols for our clients when handling critical documentation for all impacted parties and witnesses.
  • Passport & Visa Translation OT provides translation for passports and visas, including tourist and business visas, diplomatic passports, religious worker visas, domestic employee visas, media and journalist visas, and personal passports.
  • Personal Communication OT’s personal communication translation covers letters, emails, memos, and text messages, carefully translated by our expert team, ensuring that the context, emphasis, and flow of the communications are maintained.
  • Academic Records and Transcripts OT’s translation team can translate personal academic and educational records and transcripts, including report cards, degrees and certifications, academic awards, and immunization records, while maintaining privacy.
  • Personal Records OT offers objective, secure translation for any type of personal records, including medical records, healthcare benefits, beneficiary forms, employment history, financial records, and education history and records.

Benefits of Offshoring Personal Translation to OT

Individuals with unique personal translation objectives depend on OT for the impartiality and precision of our Personal Translation Services, and the specialized approach we take with each client:

  • Ensure Intent is Accurately Conveyed: OT’s translators strictly adhere to the original translation, but take thoughtful, educated liberties when necessary to ensure that original phrases and implied meaning are conveyed as intended based on native comprehension of the language.
  • Express Emotion and Sentiment: Emotional sentiments can be properly expressed and communicated in any format of personal communication without confusion or miscomprehend from the other party.
  • Present a Favorable Impression: Present a positive first impression to potential employers, landlords, and insurance companies with meticulous translations for resumes, housing application forms, and medical history records.
  • Streamline Travel and Relocation: Ensure that relocation or travel to new countries is a more efficient endeavor with translation for all kinds of personal documentation and records necessary for legal travel or residence.
  • Translation Support for International Students: International students can reduce the stress and uncertainty of language knowledge limitations and better adapt to new social and educational environments with translation support and proofreading options from OT’s trained translators.
  • Increase Accessibility: Overcome challenges and uncertainty in language accessibility and ensure that you fully understand information and communication contained within foreign personal legal, financial, medical, and academic documents.

Confidential Personal Translation Services

As an authority in multiple language translation, audio translation, website translation, and personal translation, OT identifies solution gaps in existing translation services and ensure we can effectively address current industry shortcomings with exceptional, agile resource capabilities. Translate your personal communication in any desired language and ensure language nuances, tone, and context are converted exactly as you intended.

Contact OT’s knowledgeable team today to learn more about our personal translation services, and gain the support of credible, established translators for all of your personal translation needs.