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Audio Translation Services | Outsourcing Translation
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Audio Translation Services to Expand your Reach

Outsourcing Translation’s (OT) audio translation services involve a lot more than just word-to-word translation that most small business owners realize. Our audio translations include anything from simple podcast transcript translation to full voice-over translation for subtitles. There are so many uses that it’s impossible to list them all on a single page. OT, we offer a wide array of translation services that are designed to help businesses reach new markets. One of the biggest mistakes made with translation is when it’s done without cultural references in mind. Certain messages might be funny for one culture but offensive to another. Our translation services ensure that the right audio message reaches your audience.

Outsourcing Translation has carefully built a team of experienced translators from around the world with the skillset to translate your message. To learn more, contact us.

Choose One of Our Comprehensive Audio Translation Services

Do you have audio that needs to be translated into other languages? Let our team of professionals help you translate your audio so that it can reach more markets by choosing one of our translation services.

  • Flawless Voice-Over Translations If you have a video presentation that needs to be translated into another (or multiple) languages, then let our skilled translators help. We can translate the full audio, allowing your message to reach new markets.
  • Audio Book Narration Translation Publishing an audiobook that needs to reach multiple markets? Our services encompass audiobook narrations. We take your existing audiobook and produce a flawless narration that reaches a new audience.
  • Combined Audio and Video Translations We can translate the full audio of your best videos or pull directly from the script. Video translations have many different forms, the most popular and widely used tool being subtitles. Let our teams help!
  • Website Audio Translation This service is intended for e-learning, instructional, and tutorial websites. These types of services are intended to be accessible to a large market, so our translation teams will ensure that this happens.
  • Audio Translation for Smartphone Apps Businesses are finding that smartphone apps are one of the most powerful tools at their disposal. Some of these apps require audio to be translated so that it can reach all of their markets.
  • Text-to-Speech Translation Service If you have a script that you’d like to have spoken in a different language, then this service is perfect for you. Our team of professionals will take your script and ensure that its message delivers to any market.

Benefits of Using Our Audio Translation Services

Outsourcing your audio translation needs to our team of professionals comes with a number of amazing benefits.

  • Translations based on the target audience’s culture: We ensure that your message translates across all cultures correctly.
  • Scaling up and tight deadlines aren’t the challenge for us: Our team can handle larger workloads than individual freelancers.
  • Procedural approach for consistent results: We have a carefully crafted process to ensure accuracy.
  • Subtitles for your audio file: Create subtitles for your videos in order to reach new markets.
  • Subject knowledge to translate technical product information: Proves to consumers that you care about your products and services through precise translation in their native languages.

Choose Outsourcing Translation as Your Audio Translation Partner

There are a lot of translation services, so what makes our services different from the rest? The main factor that separates our business is the painstaking method in which we hand select our translation teams. This process ensures that your message, whatever it might be, translates flawlessly across cultures. Standard translation services will simply deliver the message word-for-word, which can be a huge mistake.

Reach out to our teams and discover how Outsourcing Translation can help you with all of your audio translation needs!

Audio Translations that Communicate the Right Message

Word-for-word translations could get your company into trouble. What one culture finds acceptable might be offensive to another. Our audio translation services ensure that the right message is being delivered.