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Subtitling and Captioning Service | Outsourcing Translation
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Subtitling and Captioning Services

When it comes to SEO and video accessibility, accurate captioning, and subtitling services are not only highly beneficial but an absolute must. As business is becoming more integrated, closed captioning is used on a global scale, and in many cases is a legal requirement. At Outsourcing Translation, our ethos centers around the true appreciation of quality subtitling. Our trained experts are ready and able to provide for a variety of needs including television broadcasting, vlogging, and social media. If your video content needs the extra edge that quality subtitling provides, reach out to us today using the contact form on our website.

Subtitling and Video Captioning Services We Offer

We provide subtitling and captioning solutions for companies across the globe. Each detail is taken into consideration to ensure our customers enjoy the enhanced video experience they deserve. Our services include:

  • Adapted Online Captioning Our online captioning services cover website videos, eLearning, and social media sites. In order to ensure each task is completed correctly, our team is adept at working with a range of video formats, including Flash, Windows Media, RealVideo, and QuickTime.
  • Closed Captions for Broadcasts We provide quality closed captions working with native speakers to ensure the depth of our clients’ film dialogues can be effectively conveyed. This service is available for English to foreign language translations and vice versa.
  • Open Captioning and Burnt in Captioning For hearing or learning-aided materials, we offer permanent subtitling services in the form of open captioning or burnt in captioning. This service is very effective when you want to keep the size of your video short as no additional text files are required.
  • Professional VoD Captioning Services We provide subtitling and captioning services for VoD channels, including Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes. This includes QC and caption format conversions to ensure smooth data integration.
  • Industry Compliance and Quality We provide in-house quality checks on all subtitling and captioning projects to ensure we follow all accessibility and adherence to CC guidelines. This is also offered for multichannel needs.
  • Subtitling for Music Videos By working with us, you can have your music video subtitled in English or any other foreign language by our native-speaking translating and subtitling professionals.

Unique end-benefits of Partnering with Outsourcing Translation

While creating engaging media output is all about the benefit to the customer, when choosing to work with us, we can effectively provide unique benefits to the creator as well. Benefits of working with us include:

  • Professional Content Localization : Our in-house specialists not only offer excellent subtitling services in your chosen language but take it a step further to ensure everything is localized according to your needs to ensure maximum impact.
  • Language Flexibility : You can choose from over 60 different languages which not only provides versatility but the means to reach untapped markets.
  • Well-Planned Caption Lengths : Our services ensure your subtitles are paraphrased to provide the overall meaning of the dialog within the time limit of the video.
  • Customized Costs :Each of our projects are taken on an individual basis allowing for tailor-made pricing better suited to our clients.
  • Multiple Quality Checks : After a video is subtitled, it is critically reviewed by at least two senior translators to ensure the highest quality in language optimization was implemented before handing over to our clients.

Not Settling for Anything but the Best at Outsourcing Translation

At Outsourcing Translation, we understand that high quality closed captions and subtitles are essential. We work diligently to not only protect our clients from any negative pitfalls but go over and above to perfectly represent the message or storyline in each video.

If you find yourself needing some subtitling assistance, choose the partner with over a decade of experience and in-house skillset to deal with. Choose Outsourcing Translation today by reaching out via our online contact form.