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Importance of Retaining the Meaning of Original Content
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Importance of Retaining the Same Meaning While Translating

A large amount of the information in the world today is concentrated in the three or four major languages. But, as companies attempt to access newer markets, they are waking up to the need to have their information translated into the local language of various foreign countries.

While getting content translated into the local language may seem easy enough, there are a lot of complexities to translation that run below the surface. It is extremely important to retain the meaning of the original content in the translated version of the content. Only then will the translated content appeal to those who understand the target language. Some other challenges related to translation are:

  1. Locating the right translating agency.
  2. Ensuring that the translating agency understands your business objectives and marketing strategy.
  3. Ensuring that the agency has well qualified and experienced translators who have a nuanced understanding of the language and more.
  4. The ability of the translating agency to deliver the content on time and at a fair price.

Identify Your Translation Needs

Before you start looking for a professional translation agency, it would be best to identify your translation needs. The various types of translation needs could be:

  1. Legal documents translation
  2. Educational material translation
  3. Marketing collateral translation
  4. Web content translation
  5. Employee forms translation

What do translators do?

  • Customize content from one language to another.
  • Localize content to account for differences in different markets.
  • Modification to allow for contextualization.
  • Transposition.

Addressing Issues of Misinterpretation

Hiring skilled translators and putting infrastructure in place can be a sizable investment that most companies aren't ready to make. More so when the translation needed may be just a few pages, or highly technical in nature, in which case companies find it best to outsource their translation work to a professional agency.

One of the prime concern while outsourcing translation or translating content from one language into another is retaining the meaning of the content and ensuring that the translation stays true to the spirit of the original document.

This can be a rather challenging process as words or terms used innocently in one region could take on a totally inappropriate meaning in another despite it being written in the same language. Many words and terms within the same language vary in meaning from region to region. Another issue is the absence of certain words in certain cultures. Capturing subjective meaning in social and cultural contexts and maintaining the structure of the sentence requires the skill of a trained and experienced translator who understands the nuances and cultural use of words in different languages.

Retaining the original mean of the word can take on renewed significance if the material being translated is of a medical nature, or has safety implications. A tiny error in the use of words can result in danger or loss to life; it can also tarnish the good reputation of company.

A good translation is well written and well structured, without changing the meaning of the text. Undoubtedly, it is a complex and time consuming task. Translators hone their skills with years of experience and this is the prime reason why a company should choose their translation agency with due care.

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