Financial Translation Process at Outsourcing Translation

As the world continues to become integrated into a globalized business, the financial translation process is being shaped to fit into the new world. One of the constants across all cultures is money, but the language barriers are continuing to create obstacles for global industries. That’s where reliable translation service providers like Outsourcing Translation come into play. Think of these companies as bridge builders seeking to connect financial industries with consumers around the world.

It’s not enough to simply translate financial information word-by-word. Finance lives and dies based on accuracy, so it’s essential that businesses operating worldwide seek professional financial translation. Outsourcing Translation (OT) is a translation, transcription, and interpretation service provider backed by core subject matter experts. OT’s financial translation process has evolved over time with native translation and stringent quality checks.

Outsourcing Translation’s Financial Translation Process

Professional translators all develop a system that streamlines the entire process so that experts can focus on the fundamentals. They will then stick like glue to it. Here’s the banking and financial translation process that Outsourcing Translation uses.

  • Step 1: Convert all Documents into Digital Format

    Experts will begin by converting the financial documents into a specific digital format. The method here will vary depending on the business, but in most cases, the document just needs to be converted into the correct file type.

  • Step 2: Ensure Original Documents are Accurate

    The first step is to hand the documents over to an expert who can then translate them down into a simpler language. This is done in the original language of the document so that the translator can understand the subject matter.

  • Step 3: Get a Feel for the Text

    Now the translator gets a feel for the text by reading through it. They skim it, paying attention to technical style and ensuring they can understand it. In some cases, key terms will be researched before the translation begins.

  • Step 4: Financial Document Translation Begins

    An expert will now take the document and start translating it. This step is done in chunks of around 15 words. This is important because translating too much at once will cause mistakes to creep through. Focusing on small areas avoids that.

  • Step 5: Translation in Full Swing

    Using the method above, the translator will now start translating sentences and putting them back together as they move through the document, leaving behind a trail of the fully translated text. This is the step where the bulk of the work is done.

  • Step 6: Document is Run Through Quality Check

    Another expert looks over the document to ensure that the translation is accurate. For larger projects, the quality control expert will follow right behind the translator, cleaning up the text, and making it flow smoothly.

  • Step 7: Proofreading of the Document

    At this stage, the document will have gone through two translation passes. So it needs one more final proofing to make absolutely sure that there are no costly mistakes. The financial translation must be 100% accurate.

Benefits of Using Outsourcing Translation’s Financial Translation Process

Finding the right professionals is an essential step with financial translation because of the importance of maintaining the integrity of the original documents. Here are some of the benefits of using OT’s services.

  1. The largest motivation behind translation services is appealing to a larger, worldwide audience. This is becoming essential for financial businesses.
  2. Bridge the barriers between cultures by using OT’s translation experts from all around the world. So translations are done with cultural barriers in mind.
  3. OT’s experts are all certified, so you get access to their specialization. This ensures the integrity of all financial translation services.
  4. Appeal to more people since the native language is usually a preference. Even multi-lingual individuals tend to prefer to read in their native language.
  5. Relay important information to everyone regardless of their culture or geographic location.
  6. Take full advantage of growing internet infrastructure around the world by providing content around the world.

Don’t Risk the Integrity of Important Financial Information

Rushing through financial document translation or skipping steps will sacrifice the integrity of essential information, potentially risking the financial health of your clients. Avoid this by hiring a reliable translation service like OT. Along with technical translation, business translation, and more, OT has been assisting financial institutions and entrepreneurs on the precise translation of financial documents from their global partners.

Does your business need financial document translation like brochures, performance reports, or even bank statements? Is your business looking to cross over into other countries? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then contact Outsourcing Translation today and let us help you ensure the integrity of your vital information!