Basic Phrases in Assamese

Assamese is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by about 20 million people in the Indian states of Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh. It is also spoken in Bangladesh and Bhutan. Assamese is closely related to Bengali and Oriya.

Here are some useful Assamese phrases.

Master the Basics

Aponar Bhalne --- How do you do?
Namaskhar --- Good Morning (can be used both in the morning and the evening)
Ahu --- Goodbye
Dhanyabad --- Thank you
Moi Bujisu --- I understand
Moi Aito Buja Nai --- I do not understand
Tomar/Aponar Nam Ki? --- What’s your name?
Mor Bhal --- I am fine
Aito Ullakh Nakariba --- Don’t mention it
Khayama Koribo --- Excuse me
Hoi --- Yes
Nohoi --- No
Moy/Muk --- I/Me
Tumi --- You
Ki --- What
Kiyo --- Why

Get Around

Moi Kenekoi Tat Pamgoi? --- How do I get there?
Moi Jaba Bisaru --- I want to go to __. 
Koi --- Where is....? 
Mok __ nia --- take me to __. 
Bao Phale --- Left Side
Kho Phale --- Right Side
Cidha Jauk --- Go straight
Ghuriba --- Turn
Jauk --- Go
Gari --- Car

Time Travel

Aitia Khamay Kiman --- What time is it now?
Jowakali --- Yesterday
Aji --- Today
Ahakali --- Tomorrow
Din --- Day
Khoptah --- Week

Grab a Bite

Mullya Kiman? --- What’s the price?
Mok __ lage! --- I need __.
Moi Kora Pora Paba Paru? --- Where can I get __?
Dam Komabo Paribane --- Can’t you reduce the price?
Cha --- Tea
Ruti --- Bread
Koni --- Egg
Mas --- Fish

Numbers Talk

1 --- Ek
2 --- Doi
3 --- Tini
4 --- Chari
5 --- Pach
6 --- Choy
7 --- Khat
8 --- Ath
9 --- No
10 --- Dos

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