Basic Phrases in Bengali

Bengali or "Bangla" is the national language of Bangladesh. It is also the official language of the state of West Bengal in India. Bengali has its roots in Pali, the local speech of Bengal. It borrows from Arabic, Urdu, and Persian words and is closely connected to Hindi, with variations in pronunciation.

Here are some useful Bengali phrases.


Let's begin with learning how pronunciation works.

A: --- as in 'bat'
Aa: --- as in 'father'
I: --- as in the 'i' in police
J: --- as in 'jar'
V and W: --- both a cross between a 'v' and 'w'
O: --- as in 'lot'

Master the Basics

Ji --- Yes
Naa --- No
Asalaam valaykum --- Hello (Muslim)
Nomaashkaar --- Hello (Hindu)
Khudaa hafiz --- Good bye
Pore dakhaa hobey --- See you later (Hindu)
Kaamon aachen? --- How are you?
Bhaalo aachi --- I'm fine
Maaf korun --- Excuse me
Theek aache --- No problem
Aapnaar naam ki? --- What's your name?
Koto boyosh? --- How old are you?
Aami bujhi naa --- I don't understand

Getting Around

Aami School Jaabo --- I will go to school
Kokhon train chaarbe / pochaabeh? --- When does the train leave/arrive?
Noukaa / launch --- Boat
Baas --- Bus
Gaari --- Car

Ask for Directions

Kothaai --- Where
Koto dur --- How far are you
Baame --- Left
Daane --- Right
Ekhaane --- Here
Okhaane --- There

Ask for These

Bank --- Bank
Hospital --- Haashpaataal
Market ---  Baajaar
Mosque --- Moshjid
Temple --- Mondir
Chemist --- Oshuder dokaan

Grab a Bite

Naashtaa --- Breakfast
Dupurer khaabaar --- Lunch
Raater khaabaar --- Dinner
Gorur maangsho --- Beef
Ruti --- Bread
Murgi --- Chicken
Morich --- Chilli
Deem --- Egg
Maach --- Fish
P'hol --- Fruit
Dudh --- Milk
Bhaat --- Rice
Noon --- Salt
Chini --- Sugar
Jol --- Water

Numbers Talk

1 --- Ak
1 --- Dui
3 --- Teen
4 --- Chaar
5 --- Paach
6 --- Ch-hoy
7 --- Shaat
8 --- Aat
9 --- Noy
10 --- Dosh

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