Basic Phrases of the Bosnian Language

Bosnian is a Slavic language that is used predominantly by the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, including some parts of Serbia (regions which were a part of the former Yugoslavia). This language consists of both Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. The origin of this language dates back to the 10th & 11th Century A.D.

In earlier times, Bosnian was largely written in the Cyrillic script. However, the elite people of Bosnia normally preferred to write in foreign languages such as Arabic, Turkish or Persian and hence the development of this language was stunted due to lack of popular literature. When Bosnia was a part of the erstwhile Yugoslavia, this language was merged with Serbian and Croatian and was called as a Serbo-Croatian language.

The following phrases serve as a ready reckoner for providing insight into the Bosnian language:

Basic Phrases

Hello --- Zdravo
How are you? --- Kako ste?
I'm fine, thank you --- Ja sam dobro, hvala
What is your name? --- Kako se zovete?
My name is ... --- Zovem se …..
Yes --- Da
No --- Ne
Good morning --- Dobro Jutro
Good evening --- Dobro vece
Good day --- Dobar dan
Goodbye --- Do videnja
Please --- Molim
Thank You --- Hvala
Excuse me --- Izvinite
Day --- Dan
Early morning --- Jutro
Midday --- Podne
Afternoon --- Poslije Podne
Evening --- Vece
Midnight --- Pono
Today --- Danas
Tomorrow --- Sutra
Food --- Hrana
Hotel --- Hotelu
I don’t understand --- Ne razumijem


0 --- Nula
1 --- Jedan
2 --- Dva
3 --- Tri
4 --- Cetiri
5 --- Pet
6 --- Sest
7 --- Sedam
8 --- Osam
9 --- Devet
10 --- Deset

Days of the Week

Monday --- Ponedeljak
Tuesday --- Utorak
Wednesday --- Srijeda
Thursday --- Cetvrtak
Friday --- Petak
Saturday --- Subota
Sunday --- Nedelja


North --- Sjever
South --- Jug
Hospital --- Bolnica
Police --- Policijskoj
By Bus --- Autbusom
By car --- Autom


Address --- Adresa
Street --- Ulica
Road --- Cesta
At the end --- Na Kraju
Over There --- Preko Puta
Opposite --- Nasuprot
Beside --- Pored
On to the Right --- Na Desno
On to the Left --- Na lijevo
Straight on --- Pravo

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