Basic Phrases of the Bulgarian Language

Bulgarian is the official language of the Bulgarian Republic and is spoken fluently by roughly 9 million people in the entire country. It is an Indo-European language and a part of the Slavic language family. The Bulgarian language gained uniformity in the year 1878 after Bulgaria became autonomous. The Bulgarian dialect has a high influence of Latin, German, Greek, Italian, French, Russian and English.

It is quite interesting to learn some of the fascinating Bulgarian phrases.

Basic Terms

I --- Az
You --- Vie
They --- Te
We --- Nie
Yes --- Da
No --- Ne
Please --- Ako obichate
Sorry --- Sajaliavam
Now --- Sega
Today --- Dnes
Tomorrow --- Utre
Yesterday --- Vchera
Big --- Goliam
Small --- Malak
Good --- Dobre
Bad --- Zle
Bathroom --- Baniata
Pharmacy --- Aptekata

Short Conversations

What is your name --- Kaks se kaswate?
My name is….            --- As se kasvam...
What is this? --- Kakvo e tova?
No problem --- Niama nikakav problem
See you later   --- Do po-kasno.
Where do you stay --- Kade jiweete?
I do not follow  --- Nishto ne rasbrah
I am hungry --- Gladen sam
I am thirsty --- Jaden sam
I am lost! --- Sagubih se!
Can I help you? --- Moje li da Vi pomogna?
Can u help me? --- Moje li da mi pomognete?
Don't worry --- Ne se trevoji
One moment please --- Edin moment,molia
Excuse me --- Izvinete
Have a nice day --- Prijaten den

Introduction / Greetings

Hi --- Sdrawei!
Good morning --- Dobro utro!
Good evening --- Dobar wecher!
Good night --- Leka nosht!
Thank you! --- Mnogo blagodaria!
You are welcome --- Ti si dobre doshal!
Nice to meet you --- Priatno mi e da se saposnaem!
Get well soon --- Ozdravjavaj bãrzo
Good Luck --- Uspeh!
How are you --- Kak si? 
I am fine, thanks --- Dobre,mersi! 
Goodbye --- Chao
Congratulations! --- Posdrawlenia!
Happy Birthday --- Chestit rojden den!


Mother --- Mayka
Father --- Bashta
Son --- Sin
Daughter --- Dushterya
Wife --- Supruga
Husband --- Suprug
Friend --- Priyatel

Days of the Week

Monday --- Ponedelnik
Tuesday --- Ftornik
Wednesday --- Sryahda
Thursday --- Chetvurtuk
Friday --- Pehtuk
Saturday --- Subota
Sunday --- Nedehlya 


1 --- Edno
2 --- Dve
3 --- Tri
4 --- Chetiri
5 --- Pet
6 --- Shest
7 --- Sedem
8 --- Osem
9 --- Devet
10 --- deset

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