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Basic Phrases in Gujarati

Gujarati is an Indo-Aryan language, which is spoken in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is also spoken in the nearby union territories of Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Gujarati is spoken by more than 45 million Gujarati speakers worldwide, which makes it the 26th most spoken native language in the world.

Here are some useful Gujarati phrases.

Master the Basics

Kem cho? --- How are you?
Hu saro chuu --- I am fine 
Aabhar --- Thank you
Teme samjo chho? --- Do you understand?
Mane samjatoo nathi --- I don’t understand
Maaru naam Rohit che --- My name is Rohit
Tame Gujarati bolo cho? --- Do you speak Gujarati?
Aavo! --- Welcome! 
Sārũ --- Good
Kharāb --- Bad
Tamārũ nām śũ che? --- What is your name?
Hā, Hā̃jī (informal, formal) --- Yes
Nā, Nājī (informal, formal) --- No
Mein/Hu --- I
Tu/Tame (Respectfully, as plural) --- You  
Pelo/Pela (Respectfully, as plural) --- He
Peli/Pela (Respectfully, as plural) --- She
Pelu --- It
Kaun? --- Who?  
Shu? --- What?

Get Around

Tyaa javo --- Go there
Hun kya jau? --- Where should I go?
Moi kenekoi tat pamgoi? --- How do I get there?
Hun kone sampark karu? --- Whom should I contact?
Bus --- Bus
Gaadee ---  Car
Aag gaadee --- Train

Time Travel

Ketla vaagyaa che? --- What time is it?
Ravivaar --- Sunday
Somvaar --- Monday
Mangalvaar --- Tuesday
Buthvaar --- Wednesday
Guruvaar --- Thursday
Shukravaar --- Friday
Shanivaar --- Saturday
Aaj --- Today
Kaal --- Tomorrow

Numbers Talk

1 --- Ek
2 --- Bai
3 --- Thren
4 --- Chaar
5 --- Paach
6 --- Cho
7 --- Saat
8 --- Aat
9 --- Noe
10 --- Dus

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