Basic Phrases of the Hebrew Language

Hebrew is a Semitic language; it belongs to the Afro-Asiatic family of languages. It is considered to be a Jewish language in terms of its culture. In Israel, it is spoken by around 7 million people in its modern form.

Hebrew is one of the official languages of Israel, besides Arabic. Classical Hebrew is generally used in prayers or education by the Jewish communities around the world. Although Hebrew is not used frequently on a day-to-day basis, it is used in religious and literary functions.

Checking out some of its day-to-day used phrases may be interesting

Some Basic Words

Yes --- Ken
No --- Lo
Please --- Bevakasha
I am sorry --- Ani mitsta-er
Now --- Akhshav
Today  --- Hayom
Tomorrow --- Mahar
Yesterday --- Etmol
Big --- adol
Small --- Katan
Excuse me --- Seliha rega (to pass)
Excuse me --- Bevakasha (to ask for something)
Friend  --- Chaver
Good --- Tov
Bad --- Ra

Short Dialogues

What is this? --- Ma ze?
How much is this --- Kama ze ole?
What is the time --- Ma hashaa?
I beg your pardon? --- Ma amarta?
No problem --- Eyn kol baaya
I don’t know     --- Lo yodea
See you later   --- Lehitraot axar kax
Where do you stay --- Eyfo ata gar?
How old are you --- Ben kama ata?
I do not understand --- Lo hevanti
I have no idea --- Eyn li kol musag
I understand    --- Ani mevin
Don’t worry --- Eyn daaga
Hurry up! --- Dahuf!
I am hungry     --- Aniraev
I am thirsty --- Ani tsame
I am lost! --- Ibadti et haderekh sheli
Can I help you? --- Ani yakhol laazor lekha?
Can u help me? --- Ata yakhol laazor li?
Have a nice time --- Bilui Naim
I will be right back --- Ahzor miyad 
One moment please --- Rak rega bevakasha!
Come with me --- Bo iti 


Hello --- Shalom
Good morning --- Boker tov!
Good evening --- Erev tov!
Good night --- Layla tov
Thank you --- Toda
You are welcome --- Al lo davar
Good Luck --- Meahel lekha mazal tov
How are you --- Ma shelomkha?  
I am fine, thank you --- Ani beseder, toda 
What is your name? --- Ma shimkha?
My name is….            --- Hashem sheli ….
Goodbye --- Shalom!
Congratulations! --- Kol hakavod
Glad to meet you --- Na-im me-od lehakir otkha
Happy New Year --- Shana tova
It is my pleasure --- Haoneg hu lee
Happy Birthday --- Yim huledet sameah
Merry Christmas --- Hag hamolad sameah

Days of the Week

Sunday --- Reeshon
Monday --- Shenee
Tuesday --- Shleeshee
Wednesday --- Re’vee’ee
Thursday --- Xameeshee
Friday  --- Sheeshee
Saturday --- Shabat


1 --- Ehad
2 --- Shenayim
3 --- Shalosh
4 --- Arbaa
5 --- Hamisha
6 --- Shisha
7 --- Sheva
8 --- Shemona
9 --- Tishea
10 --- Asara

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