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Basic Phrases of the Hungarian Language

Hungarian, a Uralic language, is spoken by about 15 million speakers in Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Slovakia and rest of the world. The language is called 'Magyar' in Hungarian and is a highly inflected language. Nouns in Hungarian can have up to 238 possible forms. It is also related to Mansi, an Ob-Ugric language with about 4,000 speakers who live in the eastern Urals.

Earliest traces of literature in Hungarian date back to the 12 century. The first book to be printed in the Hungarian language was published in 1527 in Krakow, Poland.

The following phrases are meant to provide a quick insight into the Hungarian language.


a --- is a little more closed when compared to most European languages, is pronounced similar to "got" or "cot"
Á --- is closer to the usual “a” (as in car, war etc.) but pronounced a bit longer
i --- as in the 'i' in thin; thick
Í --- is a longer “I” (as in creep, seep etc.)
j --- pronounced ‘je’ - similar sounding to ‘y’ in English ( e.g.: youth, yes etc.,)
o --- shorter “o” (e.g.: November)
Ó --- the ‘O’ with double accents is longer  (e.g.: bow, crow)
v --- pronounced ‘ve’ – (e.g.: very, every)
Ü --- the u with the double accents is the longer ‘u’ – e.g.: allure

Basic Phrases

Hi  (singular) --- Szia!
Hi (plural) --- Sziasztok!
Yes --- Igen
No/not --- Nem
Good morning --- Jó reggelt (kívánok)!
Good evening --- Jó estét (kívánok)!
Good day --- Jó napot (kívánok)!
Good night --- Jó éjszakát!
Good bye --- Viszlát!/Viszontlátásra!
Please --- Kérek/kérem
Thanks --- Kösz/köszi!
I am sorry/beg your pardon --- Bocsánat / Bocsánatot kérek!
How much is it? --- Mennyibe kerül?
Where? --- Hol?
When? --- Mikor?
Which way? --- Mere?
Now --- Most
Week --- Hét
Early morning --- Reggel
Noon --- Dél
Afternoon --- Délután
Evening --- Este
Night --- Éjszaka
Today --- Ma
Tomorrow --- Holnap
To eat --- Enni
To drink --- Inni
To sleep --- Aludni
Street --- Utca
Road --- Út
Post office --- Posta
Travel office --- Utazási iroda
Right/to right --- Jobb/jobbra
Left/to left --- Bal/balra
Straight --- Egyenesen
In front of --- Szemben
And --- És
I understand --- Értem
I don’t understand --- Nem értem
Later --- Később
Urgent --- Sürgős


0 --- Nulla
1 --- Egy
2 --- Kettő (két)
3 --- Három
4 --- Négy
5 --- Öt
6 --- Hat
7 --- Hét
8 --- Nyolc
9 --- Kilenc
10 --- Tíz

Days of the Week

Monday --- Hétfõ
Tuesday --- Kedd
Wednesday --- Szerda
Thursday --- Csütörtök
Friday --- Péntek
Saturday --- Szombat
Sunday --- Vasárnap

Important Words / Terms

Entry --- Belépését
Exit --- Kilépéshez
Police --- Rrendőrséget
Airport --- Reptéri
Bus station --- Buszpályaudvar
Taxi stand --- Taxi állni


Address --- Cím
Street --- Street
Number --- Számot
City --- Város
Here --- Itt
There --- Ott
Next to --- Szomszédságában
Opposite --- Ellenkezője
Behind --- Mögött
To --- Hogy
Right --- Jobb
Left --- Bal
Straight --- Egyenes

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