Basic Phrases of the Indonesian Language

The Indonesian language is officially known as Bahasa Indonesia. It is an off-shoot of the Classical Malay language and is spoken by 200+ million people.

Indonesia has more than 300 native languages and diverse ethnic groups that speak a variety of dialects. Bahasa Indonesia is the official language of all the native groups of Indonesia. It is the mother tongue of a relatively small percent of the population, especially in the urban areas around Jakarta. In the rural areas, it is spoken as a second language, along with local languages such as Balinese, Javanese and Sundanese.

The following phrases serve as a ready reckoner for providing insight into the Indonesian language:

Basic Phrases

Hello --- Halo
How are you? --- Apa kabar?
I'm fine, thank you --- Aku baik-baik, terima kasih
What is your name? --- Siapa namamu?
My name is ... --- Namaku…..
Good --- Baik
Yes --- Ya
No --- Tidak
Good morning --- Selamat pagi
Good evening --- Selamat petang
Good afternoon --- Selamat sore
Good night --- Selamat malam
Good bye --- Sampai jumpa
Please --- Silakan
Thank You --- Terima kasih
Welcome --- Selamat datang
Excuse me --- Maaf
Sorry --- Menyesal
How much is it? --- Berapa harganya?
Where is? --- Mana?
Where is the toilet? --- Mana Toilet
Day --- Hari
Week --- Minggu
Month --- Bulan
Early morning --- Pagi
Noon --- Nun
Afternoon --- Sore
Evening --- Petang
Night --- Malam
Today --- Hari ini
Tomorrow --- Besok
Food --- Makanan
Hotel --- Hotel
I understand --- Saya mengerti
I don’t understand --- Saya tidak mengerti


0 --- Nol
1 --- Satu
2 --- Dua
3 --- Tiga
4 --- Empat
5 --- Lima
6 --- Enam
7 --- Tujuh
8 --- Delapan
9 --- Sembilan
10 --- Sepuluh

Days of the Week

Monday --- Senin
Tuesday --- Selasa
Wednesday --- Rabu
Thursday --- Kamis
Friday --- Jumat
Saturday --- Sabtu
Sunday --- Minggu


Enter --- Masukkan
Exit --- Keluar
Hospital --- Rumah sakit
Police --- Polisi
Airport --- Udara
Bus station --- Stasiun bus
Taxi stand --- Taksi


Address --- Alamat
Street --- Jalan
Number --- Nomor
City --- Kota
Here --- Di sini
There --- Ada
Next to --- Samping
Opposite --- Berlawanan
Behind --- Di belakang
To --- Untuk
Right --- Kanan
Left --- Kiri
Straight --- Lurus

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