Basic Phrases of the Korean Language

Spoken in North Korea and South Korea, there are over 78 million speakers of the Korean language. It is also spoken in certain parts of China. There is a significant influence of Chinese in the Korean language.

Some of the common phrases, words and sentences in the Koran language are as follows:


Hello --- Annyong hashimnigga (formal) 
Thank you --- Kamsa hamnida
Goodbye --- Annyonghi kaseyo


Father --- Ah buh ji, appa (informal)
Mother --- Uh muh ni, umma (informal)
Older Sister --- Unni ( when speaker is female), nuna (when speaker is male)
Older Brother --- Oppa (when speaker is female, hyung (when speaker is male)
Younger Sibling --- Dong saeng
wife --- A-nae 
husband --- Nam-pyeon 
daughter --- Ttal
son --- Adeul
Friend --- Chin-gu

Common Words

Water (cold) --- Ch’an mul 
Tea --- Ch’a
Coffee --- Kop’i
Drink --- Mashi
Shop --- Kage
here --- Yyog-ee
there --- Chog-ee


0 --- Kong
1 --- Il
2 --- I
3 --- Sam
4 --- Sa
5 --- O
6 --- Yuk
7 --- Ch'il
8 --- P'al
9 --- Ku
10 --- Ship

Common Phrases

Nice to meet you --- Ban-Gap sup-Nee-Da 
You’re welcome --- Gwaench’ansumnida 
My name is --- Che irumun imnida 
I come from --- Ch’onun e so watsumnida
How much does it cost? --- Olmayeyo? 


January --- IL-wol 
February --- I-wol 
March --- Sam-wol 
April --- Sa-wol 
May --- O-wol 
June --- Yuk-wol 
July --- Chil-wol 
August --- Pal-wol 
September --- Gu-wol 
October --- Sip-wol 
November --- Sip-il-wol 
December --- Sip-i-wol

Days of the Week

Monday --- Wol-yo-il 
Tuesday --- Hwa-yo-il 
Wednesday --- Su-yo-il 
Thursday --- Mok-yo-il 
Friday --- Keum-yo-il 
Saturday --- To-yo-il 
Sunday --- IL-yo-il

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