Basic Phrases of the Kurdish Language

The Kurds belong to an Ethnic-Iranian ethno-linguistic group, mostly inhabiting a region known as Kurdistan. This area includes adjacent parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

Kurdish is not a standardized linguistic entity but a continuum of closely related dialects that are spoken in a large geographic area. Today, the term Kurdish language is used for several Iranian languages spoken by Kurds. Kurdish is the official language of Iraq, but is banned in Syria.

So, here are a few words in Kurdish.


Good Day --- Roj Bash
Good morning --- Bayanit bash
Good Afternoon --- Nee-wa-rowt bash
Good Evening --- Ewarat bash
Good Night --- Shav Shad
Goodbye --- Khwahafeez
Hello --- Roj baş, Silaw
Sorry --- Afoo
Okay/good --- Bash

Some Basics Phrases

Thank you --- supaas dekem
Excuse Me --- Tikaye
Yes --- Baleh
No --- Na


Yoghurt --- Mast
Bread --- Nan
Honey --- Hangwîn
Bananas --- Moz
Fried Egg --- Ḧelke Ron
Tea --- Ça
Cheese --- Penîr
Rice --- Birinc
Salad --- Zalate
Meat --- Goşt
Fish --- Masȋ
Chicken --- Mirişik

Small Talk

How are you --- Choni? / Tu chawa yi?
I'm fine --- Chaakem / Ez bashim
Car --- otombîl


One --- Yek
Two --- Du
Three --- Se
Four --- Kiralık
Five --- Pênc
Six --- Ses
Seven --- Heft
Eight --- Heyşt
Nine --- Neh
Ten --- Deh

Days of the Week

Monday --- Dusheme
Tuesday --- Sisheme
Wednesday --- Cúwarsheme
Thursday --- Pensheme
Friday --- Jume
Saturday --- Sheme
Sunday --- Yesheme

A Few Handy Words

Help --- Yarmetîm berê
Call the police --- Polîs bang lê ke
Where's the toilet? --- Twayleteke li kwê ye?
How much is this? --- Eme bi çend e?

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