Basic Phrases of the Latin Language

Latin is a classical language that is spoken in Ancient Rome and is the mother language from which several European languages such as French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian and Italian claim descent. The language has several classifications, such as old Latin, classical Latin, Renaissance Latin, etc.

Latin is the language of several classical texts, especially those pertaining to science and theology in the Middle Ages. Several Latin words are used extensively in the field of Science, Academia and Law.

The following phrases serve as a ready reckoner for providing a brief insight into the Latin language:

Basic Phrases

Hello --- Abyss us
How are you? --- Quam es vos?
I'm fine, thank you --- I'm teres , gratias ago vos
What is your name? --- Quis est vestri nomen?
My name is ... --- Meus nomen est.
Good --- Bonus
Yes --- Etiam, sic
No --- Nullus
Good morning --- Bonum oriens
Good evening --- Bonum vesper
Good afternoon --- Bonum meridianus
Good night --- Bonum nox noctis
Goodbye --- Vale
Please --- Commodo
Thank You --- Gratias ago Vos
You’re welcome --- You’re exspectata
Excuse me --- Indulgeo mihi
I am sorry --- Ego sum rumex
How much is it? --- Quantus est is?
Where is? --- Qua est?
Where is the toilet? --- Qua est laboro?
Day --- Dies
Week --- Week
Month --- Mensis
Early morning --- Mane
Noon --- Noon
Afternoon --- Meridianus
Evening --- Vesper
Night --- Nox noctis
Today --- Hodie
Tomorrow --- Cras
Food --- Victus
Hotel --- Hotel
I understand --- EGO agnosco
I don’t understand --- EGO operor non agnosco


1 --- Unus
2 --- Duos
3 --- Three
4 --- Quattuor
5 --- Quinque
6 --- Six
7 --- Septem
8 --- Duodeviginti
9 --- Novem
10 --- Ten

Days of the Week

Monday --- Monday
Tuesday --- Tuesday
Wednesday --- Wednesday
Thursday --- Thursday
Friday --- Friday
Saturday --- Saturday
Sunday --- Sunday


Entry --- Viscus
Exit --- Exitus
Hospital --- Hospitium
Police --- Eexcolo
Airport --- Airport
Bus station --- Bus assembly
Taxi stand --- Taxi sto


Address --- Oratio
Street --- Vicus
Number --- Numerus
City --- Urbs
Here --- Hic
There --- Illic
Next to --- Tunc ut
Opposite --- Adversus
Behind --- Secundum
To --- Ut
Right --- Vox
Left --- Left
Straight --- Rectus

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