Basic Phrases in Marathi

If you are travelling to Mumbai or Bombay as it was formally called, you might want to be acquainted with a few commonly used words. But first, find out a little about Mumbai.

Mumbai is on the west coast of India and considered to be the business / financial capital of the India. True to its name, the city has the largest and the busiest port handling the country's foreign trade and a major International airport too. India's Stock Exchange, which ranks third largest in the world, is also located in Mumbai.

The two other languages most commonly used in Mumbai besides Marathi are, Hindi, which is also the national language and English.

Below are a few words and phrases which should help you if you make a trip to Mumbai.

Some Basics

Hello --- Na-ma-skar
Please --- Kru-pa-ya
Thank you --- Ab-ha-re a-he
Yes --- Ho
No --- Nahi


Bread --- pav
Coffee --- coffee
Tea --- cha-ha
Milk --- dudh
rice --- bha-at
Vegetable --- bha - jee
Salad --- kosh-im-beer  
Beef --- beef
Chicken --- komb-dee
lamb --- sheh-lee
fish --- mah-sah
pork --- duk-har
Beer --- beer
Purified water --- Saph pa-ni or chan-ga-le pa-ni

Small talk

How are you? --- Tu kasa aahe?
I am fine --- Me bara aahe.
What is your name?    --- Tujhe naav kaay aahe?
My Name is __ --- Maza nav __ aahe
I am a doctor (profession)    --- Me Doctor Aahe
Happy to meet you --- Tumhala bhetun aanand zala
Sorry I am late --- Maf kara, mala usher zala
How much does this cost? --- Hy-ach-e kim-mat key tee


I want to go to --- (name of the place) - mala _____ jayache aahe
Straight ahead --- saral pudhe
Go to the right --- ujavikade ja
left --- dah-vah
right --- u-jah-vah
middle --- mad-ha-la
under --- kha-lee


Taxi --- taxi                                      
Train --- aag -gadi
Subway --- bu-ya-ree marge
Bus --- bus


One --- Ek
Two --- Doan
Three --- Teen
Four --- Chaar
Five --- Pach
Six --- Saha
Seven --- Saat
Eight --- Aath
Nine --- Nau
Ten --- Daha


Monday --- somavr
Tuesday --- mãgaḷavr
Wednesday --- budhavr
Thursday --- guruvar
Friday --- shukravr
Saturday --- shanivr
Sunday --- ravivr

A few other handy words

Help --- ma-dat
Doctor --- doc-tor
Pharmacy --- aush-a-da-la-ya
Police --- po-lic

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