Basic Phrases of the Oriya Language

Oriya is the official language of Orissa. The language has spread majorly to the north eastern states of India. The language has strong influences from the neighboring Bengali and Assamese languages. The Oriya people live in the coastal province of Orissa and primarily speak the Oriya language.

Some of the basic phrases in the Oriya language are as follows:


I --- Mu
He --- Sey
She --- Sey
You --- Tome
They --- Semane
It --- Eha
This --- Eha
That --- Taha


Hello --- Namaskar
How are you? --- Kemiti accho
I am fine --- Mu bhalare acchi


Father --- Bapa
Mothe --- Ma
Husband --- Swami
Wife --- Sthri
Elder sister --- Nani
Younger Sister --- Choto bhauni
Elder Brother --- Dada
Younger Brother --- Choto bhai


Come --- Aaso, aasontu (with respect)
Go --- Jao
Came --- Aasila
Take --- Niyo
Fast --- Sighra
Slow --- Aaste
Water --- Jolo
Home --- Ghara
Yesterday --- Gola kali
Today --- Aaji
Tomorrow --- Aasonta kali
Day --- Dino
Night --- Raati
Morning --- Sokalo
In the morning --- Sokaley
Evening --- Sonjo
Sleep --- Needo
Food --- Khadiyo
To Drink --- Peeyo
Enough --- Bahut
Shop --- Dukano


1 --- Eka
2 --- Dui
3 --- Teeni
4 --- Chari
5 --- Pancho
6 --- Cho
7 --- Saato
8 --- Aatho
9 --- No
10 --- Doso

Common Phrases

What is your name? --- Tumoro naamo
What happened? --- Kono hela
Did you have your lunch? --- Khayilo ki?
Come home --- Gharo ku aasa
Please sit --- Doyakari basontu
Thank You --- Dhanyabado

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