Basic Phrases of the Pashto Language

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a mountainous land-locked country. Strategically located Afghanistan is steeped in history and culture that goes back over 5000 years.

Afghanistan is a heterogeneous nation of four major ethnic groups, namely Pashtoons, Tajiks, Hazaras and Uzbeks. The capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, is one of the oldest cities in Central Asia.

Pashto and Dari are the official languages of the country. About 35% of the population speaks Pashto. So, here come a few words that you can learn in the language.


Hello --- Salam Aleikum
Good Morning --- sahr pikheyr
Good bye --- Khuda Hafez 
Wish you well and good health --- Jor' aw Rogh Ose
Wish you a happy and prosperous life --- Khad aw Abad Ose
Thanks God you came safe and sound --- Pa Khair Raghla
You are welcome anytime --- har kala Rasha
May you not be tired --- Sthare Mashe

Some Basics Phrases

Yes --- Ao
No --- Nah
ok --- Kha
Thank you --- Manana
Thanks a lot --- Daera manana
You’re welcome --- Teh gabarah nada
Sorry --- bakhAna ghwarum


Meal/bread --- dodai / marhai / tikalay 
The meal is good --- dodai kha / sha da 
Water --- ubu
Milk --- pe
Apple --- mana

Small Talk

How are you? --- Teh Singa jee?
I'm fine --- Teh kha
What is your name? --- Sta noom sa de
my name is..... --- Zama noom (...........) dai


Bus --- gaaddei
Road --- arrak
Airplane --- alwateka


1 --- Yau
2 --- Dwa
3 --- Dre
4 --- Tsaloor
5 --- Peenzuh
6 --- Shpeeg
7 --- Uwa
8 --- Atuh
9 --- Unuh
10 --- las

Days of the Week

Monday --- Gul
Tuesday --- Naha (Nahe)
Wednesday --- Shoro
Thursday --- Ziarat
Friday --- Juma
Saturday --- Khiale
Sunday --- Itbar (Itwar)

A Few Other Handy Words

I talk a little Pustho --- Mala leglug Pukhtun razi
I am sick --- Za beemar yem

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