Basic Phrases of the Persian Language

Persian, also called Farsi, is the most commonly spoken language among the Ino-Iranian family of languages. It is mainly the mother tongue of Iran (formerly Persia) but is also extensively spoken in Afghanistan. The Persian language is spoken almost everywhere in the country of Afghanistan. In Tajikistan and Pamir, it is spoken in its archaic form. There are roughly over 40 million Persian speakers, which constitutes 50% of the Iran's population.

Let's learn some of the common Persian phrases

Basic Expressions

Yes --- Baleh
No --- No
What?  --- Chi?
Where? --- Koja?  
Please --- Lotfan
I am sorry! --- Bebakhshid (if you don’t hear something)
Sorry --- Bebakshid
Later --- Ba'dan
Now --- Haalaa 
Today  --- Emrooz
Tomorrow --- Farad
Yesterday --- Dirooz
Big --- Bozorg
Small   --- Khoochak
Good   --- Khoob

Short Dialogues

What is this?    --- In chieh?
How much is this? --- Cheymatesh chand ast?
See you later --- Shoma koja zendegi mikonid?
Where are you from? --- Shoma ahleh koja hastid?
How old are you? --- Chand salet hast?
I do not understand --- Motavajjeh nemisham
I do not know --- Nemidanam
I am hungry --- Man goshneh am
I am thirsty      --- Man Teshneh am
I am lost! --- Man gom shodam!
Can I help you? --- Mitoonam ke komaketoon konam?
Can u help me? --- Shoam mitooni ke komakam konid?
Come with me --- Ba man bia   
Excuse me      --- Bebakhshid (to ask for something)
One moment please --- Yek lahzeh lotfan
How old are you? --- Chand salet hast? 
No problem     --- Moshkeli nist
Don’t worry --- Negaran nabashid
Hurry up! --- Ajaleh kon!


Hi! --- Salam!
Good morning! --- Sobh Be Kheyr!
Good evening! --- Asr be kheyr!
Good night! --- Shab be kheyr!
Thank you --- Mamnoon
Welcome! --- Khosh Amadid! (to greet someone)
You are welcome --- Khahesh Mikonam
Good Luck --- Mo’afagh bashed
How are you? --- Shoma chetur hastin?    
I am fine, thank you --- Man khoobam, Mamnoon   
What is your name? --- Esm e shoma chist?
My name is….            --- Esm e man….
Goodbye --- Bedrood/ khoda hafez
Congratulations! --- Tabrik migoyam!
Nice to meet you --- Az molaghat e sham khosh vaghtam
Happy Birthday --- Tavalodat mobarak 
Happy New Year --- Sal e no mobarak
Bon Voyage    --- Safar khosh
Get well soon  --- Zud xub šo


Emergency --- E'laamey Khatar!
Doctor --- Doctor
Hospital --- Beemaa restaan
Help!    --- Komak!
Fire! --- Atis!
Stop!    --- Vaysa! 

Days of the Week

Monday --- Do shanbe
Tuesday --- Se shanbe
Wednesday --- ChaaR shanbe
Thursday --- Panshanbe
Friday  --- Jom'e
Saturday --- Shanbe
Sunday --- Ye shanbe


1 --- Yek
2 --- Do
3 --- She
4 --- Chahar
5 --- Panj
6 --- Shesh
7 --- Haft
8 --- Hasht
9 --- Noh
10 --- Dah

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