Basic Phrases of the Thai Language

The Thai language is the national language of Thailand. It is spoken by approximately 80 million people around the world. The Thai language has much influence of languages such as Pali, old Khmer and Sanskrit. Like Vietnamese and Chinese, Thai is a tonal language where the same word can have different meanings, depending on the way it is pronounced.

Let's look at some of the common Thai Phrases:

Basic Terms

Me --- Chan
You --- Kun
He --- Huwa
She --- Hiya
We --- Rao
They --- Uhum
Yes --- Chai
No --- Mai chai
Why? --- Tum mai?
What? --- Arai?
Sorry --- Krab
Please --- Ka-ru-na
Now --- Deaw-nee
Today --- Wan-nee
Tomorrow --- Prung-nee
Yesterday --- Mea-waan-nee
Big --- Yai
Small --- Lek
Straight --- Tong pai
Left --- Sai
Right --- Kwaa
Excuse me --- Kor-thod-ka (to ask for something)
Excuse me --- Kor-tang-noi-ka (to pass)
Good --- Dee
Bad --- Mai-dee
Hurry up! --- Reaw-khao!
Hot --- Ron
Cold --- Nao
No Problem --- Mai bpen rai

Short Talk

What is this? --- An-nee-keo-a-rai?
How much is this? --- Ra ka thao rai?
I don’t know --- Mai roo
How much? --- Taorai?
Where are you from? --- Kun-ma-jak-tee-nai?
IWhere do you live? --- Kun-you-tee-nai?
I do not understand --- Mai-khao-jai-ka/krab
I am hungry --- Phom-hew-khao
I am thirsty --- Phom-hew-num
I am lost! --- Phom-long-tang!
Can I help you? --- Phom-chuay-a-rai-mai-ka?
Can u help me? --- Chuay dai mai?
Never mind --- Mai pen rai
I beg your pardon? --- Arai na? 
See you later --- Laiw jer gan
I don’t want --- Mai tong gaan
See you later --- Leaw-jor-kan-mai 
Come with me            --- Ma-kab-chan
You are very kind --- Kun-jai-dee-jang
How old are you? --- Kun-r-yu-tao-rai?
I beg your pardon? --- Ko-thod-ka?
Don’t worry --- Mai-thong-pen-huang
I am tired --- Neu-ay


Hello --- Sa-wat dee
Good morning --- A-roon-sa-was 
Good evening --- Sa-yan-sa-was
Good night --- Ra-tee-sa-was
Thank you --- Kob-kun
You are welcome --- Mai-prn-rai 
Good Luck --- Chock-dee-na 
How are you? --- Sabai dee mai?
I am fine, thanks --- Sa-bai-dee, kob-kun
What is your name? --- Khun chue aria?
My name is….            --- Phom chue....
Goodbye --- La-korn
Congratulations! --- Yin-dee-dauy-na
Pleased to meet you --- Yin dee tee roo jak
See you again --- Lao jer gun
Happy New Year --- Sa-was-dee-pee-mai


Help! --- Chuay duai!!
Fire! --- Fai! 
Toilet --- Hong naam
Hospital --- Rong payabaan
Bank --- Tanakharn
Doctor --- Mor
Police --- Dtam-ruat

Days of the Week

Sunday --- Wan artit
Monday --- Wan jun
Tuesday --- Wan ung-kharn
Wednesday --- Wan poot
Thursday --- Wan pa-rue-hat
Friday --- Wan sook
Saturday --- Wan sao


0 --- Soon
1 --- Nueng
2 --- Sawng
3 --- Sahm
4 --- See
5 --- Ha
6 --- Hok
7 --- Jet
8 --- Paat
9 --- Gow
10 --- Sib

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